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  • Mike - Comparing the Acurite 0613 to the Extech 445815

    I bought the Extech moisture meter first, and I always thought the readings seemed off, but it was the expert, right? Anyway, I wanted a second moisture meter so I wouldn't need to keep taking the Extech back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. So, I ordered the less expensive Acurite 00613 from Amazon ($10 versus $40), and inadvertently ordered two. When they arrived, I planned to send one back.

  • Terry - Crock Pot purchase from Amazon

    It's much like advertised. Not real fancy but a good basic cooker. Watch out for the cooking times listed in the recipe booklet, way too long. We found the food tastes better if you cut down the cooking times by 40%. Chicken is kind of "mushy", but beef and pork are good. Like the removable lid and porceline liner.

  • Jennifer S. - Very convenient - great for things you want to temporarily take off your wall and later put back on, like a tablet or a remote

    I use these on the back of my Amazon Fire Tablet to hang it up on the wall. I can make Skype video calls with my tablet on the wall, which is just super-cool. Friends think it looks very high-tech. Since the command strips are velcro, I can always take my tablet down to carry it around or to recharge it, and put it back on the wall when I'm done.