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  • N. Wolfanger - You Will be in Love With These Shoes

    Runs large. I normally wear a 9.5-10, so I ordered 9.5 and they're still 1.5" too long, so I'm think an 8.5 would've fit perfectly. However, in spite of the length, these are still the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet! My job entails working on my feet for 12-13 hrs a day. With these shoes I have absolutely no pain at the end of a shift, plus they feel like I'm walking on a cloud! I recommend these over any other shoes, including the $140 nursing shoes I was previously using.

  • Yoda - Little or no value for those who do not need to work via "the cloud"

    Microsoft Office 2013 differs from the previous version of Office, basically, in one very significant way. That is it permits the user to work with "the cloud". Documents can be placed in the cloud and then worked with from computers that also have Office. Hence no need, like in the old days, of having to carry around hard disks, CDs, etc. with one's working files between client locations or from home to office. Of course, the use of the cloud does entail some risks as data stored there is not as secure as on one's external hard disk or cds (assuming there is not a possibilty that the hard disk or cds can be stolen).

  • Corey Punches - How does something like this get financed

    Wow...just wow. How does something like this get financed?? I've seen a few 'B' movies, but this is more like an 'F'. The camera work isn't horrible - but as to the rest I'm not sure if this is supposed to be one of those movies that is horrible on purpose or not. But purposeful or not, the horribleness is well, horrible.

  • Chrissie Allen - Addictive!

    Great show full of dysfunction but they really come together when it counts. Just when you think it cant get much crazier it does!

  • Marco Gonzalez - Terrible phone.

    I bought two phones. I had problems with one of them because it seems the phone was not ready to be used. It appeared an screen asking to configure it. Today is working after I took it with one technician to repair it. It has been working the last two days. The other phone works only the first 3 days. Now, I have to take it with the technician and wait if he can fix it. Terrible experience. I am loosing my money and my time.