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  • Laura Fisher - Works/but you must follow the plan.

    This was a good program, I lost weight, got back to my healthier eating. However, if you do not continue to eat will regain the weight or fat or toxins. I plan to do this again. Once I break the sugar cycle I do well. So this helps you to do that for sure. Yet you must follow instructions diligently. And there is A LOT OF COOKING AND PREP AND SHOPPING INVOLVED! PLAN AHEAD. Reciepies were very good and tasty. Just too a while in the kitchen. And if you're cooking for one ....recipies are made to serve 4! Math needs to happen to cut recipies down. I usuallly cut it in half and made two meals with it.


    I used to LOVE this cream it was PERFECT then they changed it to "get the NSF rating" and it's now terrible it BURNS my face TURNS IT BRIGHT RED and burns SO BAD. Now it has sodium benzoate in it. It's so stupid to add sodium benzoate to a product with Vitamin C in the name. Sodium benzoate PLUS ascorbic acid (vitamin C) forms benzene, a known carcinogen. It doesn't spread well or even absorb at all anymore it leaves your face clown white right before it turns bright red, Im not sure how this has a NFS rating when it seems to have much more chemicals now, it smells less like oranges and more like chemicals and it burns your skin. I can't understand why a company would take a perfect cream, that worked so well and totally 100% ruin it. I makes me mad. Why can't they leave well enough alone. Not only will I not buy this cream again, I'm sworn off of avalon organics 100% until they bring the old formula back. It took me YEARS of trying creams to find one I really loved and stuck with and now I have to start all over again. I don't take this lightly.

  • Alexa Bailey - This Just Dance has a great list of family friendly songs with great beats to ...

    Bought this to play with my 4 kiddos ages 5-14 and we have a blast. This Just Dance has a great list of family friendly songs with great beats to dance to. The kids and I can spend hours on this one. Would recommend.

  • GorgeousRobi - Great weed wacker, Tall people beware

    I did a bit of research and landed on this wacker. It is pretty good. Does a few things that other models do not and it seems very well designed. i don't know anything about the battery issue others have mentioned. I did see that a spare battery runs around $50. As someone else mentioned it is not made for tall people. After a while your back starts to hurt, so if you have a large yard, maybe look for something that fits your body type (for tall people). I think this product does a great job. It is not necessarily nirvana in terms of yardwork, I have a small yard and I found the edger was kind of awkward around my flower boxes, but it is very efficient in terms of cutting the grass and getting into those hard to reach places. I also like that the battery charger has a safety mechanism so you can't overcharge it. I don't think this can really double as a mower, but for a small yard with the wheels can cut a little section evenly. Overall it seems to be worth the money.

  • Ms. Lips1955 - love it...

    Wonderful, works just like they said. My mom in over 81, chronic pain all her life, curvature of spine, one leg shorter, Arthritis; etc. Using this has given her some relief... and other family members too.

  • A.S. - There goes our dreams of Harvard

    This is my "go to" diaper cream. It works beautifully and glides over my sweet baby's heinie better than any other product I've tried. My little angel might have to settle for community college or technical school since their 529 contributions have been diverted to supply their diaper cream habit, but a rash-free rump is worth more than an art history degree any day.