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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • wondering - Got me clean

    I just want to let everyone know that this product works for cleaning out your system. You have to give it a 24hr window, meaning no smoking 24 hrs prior to taking this product. Drink a glass of water then drink this product, wait 15 mins and refill the bottle twice with water, drink it. You need to wait 1hr after drinking ready clean to take an effect. After 1hr you have 4hr time frame to get yourself tested. P.S. Taste is not bad either.

  • Mcomeau - Works great for me and my customers.

    Kaspersky is been a great Internet security program, and has saved me, and my customers time and money. I used to be a huge Norton AntiVirus fan, and then I went to McAfee, but Kaspersky now takes the cake. It's a light running program considering what it does, and thus far, I have never had a problem with viruses. I was even able to save a business computer, with five years of records, with this program. Very grateful thank you

  • Farmgirl - This is a great product for women premenopausal and after

    This is a great product for women premenopausal and after. Have used this product for over 20 years have not had night sweats or any symptom

  • ANGELA - Almased Multi-Protein Powder

    I think this product is really good, yes I have been drinking this for about two months. I normally make a shake in the morning and one at night. I do have fat free milk and Nesquick chocolate in mine. I don't feel that it adds that much in the way of calories. I have found my self feeling better and having more engery. I have recently added the liquid mineral and vitamines to my daily routine. I must say I am 53 years old and have not had a lot of engery, at least not what I used to have. I work and try to do other things at home, you know the norm. But I also want to write and draw & paint, and trying to find the time and engery for all of what I need---

  • Arya - Does what it says but be careful if u have oily skin.

    A small pump is enough to cover complete face and neck. I'm using it after derma roller and it leave my face very oily. I need to wipe my face with a tissue every 20 minutes to make sure there isn't excess oil on my face because I have oily skin on face and it leads to acne in few hours if I let the oil sit on my face. Works well but extremely oily.

  • Mick Bird - The war ends

    Finally the war between the forces of Admiral Strong and the Simulins forces has come to a end. The crew of the Distant Horizon, completed their task of destroying the Dyson Sphere. But they was surprisingly able to survive. At the last moment they was able to exit to an area where AIs built by the Originators control. They with the help of the AIs repair their ship with new weapons and return to help win the final battle. With them they carry the cure for the last living Originators. I for one will be looking forward with interest to reading the first book in the next series of books.

  • Vijay - No review required

    It's the best business education money can buy -- at <$5. A must buy for all Warren Buffett fans. Great place to start reading up on him for the rest.