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  • E.g.M - Looks good, doesn't last.

    This product has a nice texture and color, doesn't settle into line and covers well. The only problem? It won't be there by noon. Even with a primer and my Laura Mercier setting powder, I can't get this to stay on my face.

  • KAW143 - Dang! This thing is awesome!!

    I cannot believe how good this is! Two small dogs and a cat so that's a challenge! I am simply amazing when I empty the container! I did lots and lots of research and reading reviews. Dyson or something else. I am so glad I bought this!!

  • R. Jaeger - refuses to calibrate

    The rifle won't calibrate accurately. I have tried moving the sensor and changing the responsiveness of the controllers. Neither seems to work. The game isn't much fun when you can't aim at all the animals running around.

  • Michael - Great case

    I love this case. It is so clear and beautiful. I always drop my phone and crack the screen the first two weeks or so. I never have to worry about dropping my phone ever again because my phone screen will always be safe and secure. I also did some drop tests with the case in my spare time and it holds up very well. The case will always fit my needs. My family and friends always use this case because it is amazing. I will always use this case on my daily bases. This case is the best around and I am gladly to say that this case is the best of the best. My friends have bought this product and they have never complained. They love this product. I have probably bought this case only two times in the past 4 years. This is to show how long this case can hold up to every day life. I have dropped my phone about 800 times and the screen I still not broken. There is nothing you can do to brake this case it is just amazing. This case never lets me, my family, or my friends down. I dropped this off a ten foot balcony and it was perfectly intact and I mean perfectly intact not a scratch or a crack on the display it is truly amazing nothing can stop this case. It is just perfect. I highly recommend this product.