Functional Formularies : Home - Functional Formularies originated in the quiet and beautiful countryside of Wilmington, Ohio. The company was founded by Robin Gentry McGee who over the past several decades has developed a vast knowledge of the food as medicine model. It was only natural for Robin to use her experience and knowledge to help her father and herself when faced with life threatening health issues. After experiencing positive results, she is more determined then ever to make it easier for others by taking the guesswork out of choosing healthy alternatives.

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  • M3hta1 - Great Product.

    So I just wanted to say that I will be letting people know where I bought the product that is on my car since it was easy to install and the directions were clear and straightforward. This is top notch vinyl. I was weary at first but I am glad i went ahead and purchased the product.

  • Rebecca L. Coutu - Waffle maker

    This is the best waffle maker ever if you like big waffles. It makes waffles just like the ones you pay $10.00 for in a resturant.

  • Gustave Nicholas von Bodungen - Fun Game, Not really for the PS3

    I decided to get this game for my girlfriend and I after playing at a local arcade in New Orleans. The game itself is fun and reminds me of the good ole fashion duck hunt game for NES however the accuracy of the "top shot elite" is poor at best. As you will find in most reviews you must stand around 5+ feet away from the sensor bar in order for the Top shot to even register on screen. During the calibration you are suppose to aim at the four corners of your screen while looking through the scope, yet no matter how many times you do it during calibration you will usually be about 2+ inches off target. This makes the scope, which doesn't lock into place and easily slips, useless. Its better to just throw the scope straight into the garbage... despite the poor accuracy, there are crosshairs on the screen, which makes shooting from the hip a breeze, but it does take some fun out of the idea of hunting... Mind you, this is all in regards to the Gallery aspect of the game, the story mode is a whole other beast in itself. During story mode you are able to move about freely on each course but the controls on the top shot are difficult to get use to, especially when it comes to walking around. After a while it became frustrating to me, so I stuck to the gallery part of the game... Supposedly, the game is more enjoyable if you have the PlayStation move with gun, but I have yet to try it... If you are considering purchasing this game for your PlayStation, I would recommend you find an arcade instead, if you have a Wii, then go for it!

  • Jay Robinson - This is a great planer. Very well made and works perfectly

    This is a great planer. Very well made and works perfectly. I do woodworking projects and found this to to everything the more expensive planers do.

  • Mary S - Fantastic 5 Star Essential Oil Set

    This is such a great Set of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. This set has a very good variety of oils that are perfect for starting out and or adding to your own collection. They are a good size 10ml bottles that hold a good amount of oil. They are very nicely lined up in the box with easy to read labels. These would make a great gift for someone and or gifting yourself, which I tend to do a lot.