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  • Brian M. - Five Stars

    Works great. Looks fantastic. Doesn't void factory warranty. Easy to install. IAT sensor wiring was stretched a bit.

  • Prof Carley - On the car just as a trial and now my wife won't let me take them off!

    When the racks arrived I figured I would try them on the car to see if they fit, if they were sturdy, and could actually hold something. I got distracted and forgot to take them off after a couple of days and now my wife will not let me take them off the new Honda CRV we just bought three weeks ago. She says it enhances the car's look. Driving on the highway was actually very quiet and you would not even know they were up there. They are still fitting very well, sturdy, and hold things very well - terrific racks at a wonderful price!

  • RunningMom4 - It sucks and I love it!!!

    My old vacuum was a 24 year old Electrolux that my husband purchased when he sold vacuums for a month at the ripe old age of 16. I don't know why at 16 he spent $800 on a vacuum, but he did, and it's been his longest lasting relationship besides his mom. He loved his Electrolux so much that for years he wouldn't let me buy a new one because "they don't make them like that anymore." I told him he's right, they don't, they make them better...cordless!!!

  • james w. - if anything it makes you feel worse, don't buy into it

    This stuff doesn't do anything, if anything it makes you feel worse, don't buy into it. I used this stuff for a month, all it did was bind you up and put weight on, I think that most of the comments on this stuff come from people selling it. My friend who was selling it asked me to give it a try. I did the three month thing where they automatically ship you a new one. I got my second container before I could cancel my credit card, but there will not be a third automatic shipment. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!