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  • William Brown - Hair one, not so great

    Of course this is not William, but his wife.I have long naturally curly color treated hair, so I bought the jojoba one as recommended. First, if you use their instructions, you use nearly a quarter of the bottle for each washing. Also the product left my hair feeling dried out and dirty at the same time. It did just the opposite of what it advertised. My hair was frizzy, very dry on the ends, and the roots felt gross and dirty. What a waste of money. I was looking forward to good results and was very disappointed.

  • Ginger - no eyebrow growth

    Maybe my one-star rating is a bit premature, but I've been using it twice daily on my practically non-existent eyebrows, which used to be thicker and fuller. I haven't seen any difference whatsoever.....very disappointed. I'll keep trying....

  • N Ohana - My 5yr&9yr old love it. It's very simple game to play and ...

    My 5yr&9yr old love it. It's very simple game to play and with motion sense all they have to dance!! I'd recommend it to any kids 5yr and older who is into music & dance!

  • Veronica Bolin - Are these real viviscal pills?

    I currently just started taking the extra strength that I bought from the official viviscal website. I am unhappy that what I am taking contains iron so I am interested in these professional strength tablets. What I don't understand is why you can't buy the Pro strength directly from the website. You can only buy it on amazon. Are these fake? If they were real wouldn't the official website sell them? One reviewer said that the pills vary in size fr box to box. HELLO doesn't that raise alarm for you? Am I the only one questioning this? Somebody please give me some insight. Why can I only buy this on amazon? Also, how many of these reviews are real? Some people really have crazy good results from these pills. I suspect these reviews are fake. And if I'm correct about that, why would people trick others who are truly battling hair loss? I do not understand. My hopes are that these 30 dollar "professional" strength pills that you can't buy from the website are real and that the crazy good results people get are real too.

  • X. Xie - Language for non-Unicode must be English

    I had QB Pro 2010 before and it supports non-english environment. But this QB Pro 2013 requires to set language for non-unicode as English. Otherwise you are unable to start QB. However I have other applications which reqire non-English for non-unicode. This is really so inconvenient.

  • Bunny the Mule - Thought Provoking - Must Read for Elected Officials

    Charles Murray is certainly a controversial author. While some may not agree with his conclusions, the statistics cited in this book are disturbing. He makes the case that our society is being divided between an educated upper class and a non-educated lower class and it is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge that divide. The divide is becoming not just one of financial means and education but also one of values and culture. This book should be a must read for every elected official in the nation - particularly those that go to Washington.