Orthotics » Footlogics Australia » Affordable Orthotic Insoles - Footlogics Orthotics - Australian-owned, affordable yet effective orthotic insoles. Footlogics offers a wide range of orthotics, providing excellent walking comfort and relief from many foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsalgia. 

  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain): Causes and Treatment - Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain/heel spur) can be treated effectively with orthotic insoles and exercises. Watch short heel pain video here...
  • Heel Spurs: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment - Australia - Heel spurs a symptom of Plantar Fasciitis. This painful condition can be treated with exercises and orthotics
  • Achilles Tendonitis (back of heel pain): Causes and Treatment - Achilles Tendonitis is a common foot complaint. It can be treated with exercises and orthotics
  • Ball of Foot pain (Metatarsalgia): Causes and Treatment - Learn more about pain the ball of the foot or Metatarsalgia. Relief with Footlogics insoles, also for high heels
  • Fallen arches, flat feet and over-pronation - Fallen arches or over-pronation is very common and can be treated with orthotics
  • Orthotic insoles for Diabetes - Diabetic sufferers can benefit from orthotics to prevent foot injury and ulceration
  • Sever’s disease - heel pain in children - Sever's Disease is a very common foot condition in young children. Growing pains are very common and pain at the back of the heel..
  • Low Back Pain - treatment with orthotic insoles - Low back pain can stem for badly aligned feet (over-pronation) and can be treated with foot orthotics.
  • Footlogics - the science of walking comfort - Footlogics Australia is a manufacturer of premium orthotics. We offer a wide range of orthotic insoles

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  • *sc* - YES!

    I ordered these because my teeth are a little short of perfect! After using all 14 treatments, I have to say that other people have noticed that my teeth have gotten whiter so thats definitely a plus. Although my teeth weren't perfect, they weren't the worst either so don't expect to see miraculous results although you definitely will notice whiter teeth after 3-4 days. I see a lot of people complain about the pain that comes with it, I didn't experience any pain but it is a little uncomfortable during the half hour you wear the strips, at least you know it's working lol. I will be ordering these again in the future! Satisfied with my purchase!

  • marie - it was ok

    I have never had cellulite before until now. I weighed 102 pounds and gained 30 pounds from over the years and now I have very little on the back of my legs. I hate it and it makes me very uncomfortable with my legs. I would use this cream every morning and night after I showered. It would tingle and the smell of it was minty. I went threw the bottle in about a month and I think it might of helped a little, I'm not sure because i was going to the gym and dieting when using it, I still have cellulite but my legs do look a little better. I am not going to buy it again, jut because it is so expensive to not work how I want it to. Maybe if it was $3 I would

  • Corrin - Reads like a cheap paperback.

    From a literary standpoint, this book is horribly written. It's cliche. The characters are one-dimensional. It's written in first person present tense, for whatever reason. But I doubt this book was supposed to be literary. It's meant to be educational, perhaps even instructional. Which I suppose it is. I would never read this by choice. I had to for a class.

  • Breanna Weaver - They DO work, but they made me really dizzy while working out.

    I've used this product off and on for about 3 months and I've lost 21 pounds, BUT I exercised with them; I would hike for about two miles and run for one mile. I only took them on the days I was going to workout, and they done their job! I also never got hungry; the only downside to these pills is that while I was working out I would become extremely dizzy,so I would have to stop running or slow down just to regain my composure. BUT they did work, I'm going to try out the Blue bottle because I've heard they don't have as harsh side effects. Ohh, and I also quit drinking pop, so I'm sure that contributed to my weight-loss, as well. I do recommend them though, just make sure you have a snack with them; never take them on an empty stomach!

  • sunny - My mom loves it.

    I ordered a few Skincerity bottles for my mom. After a few weeks, she told me it really works. I think it's expensive but it works well. I should try it next time.