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  • david shipley - Worth renting but (long editorial) lol

    First I do not want this review to stop anyone from renting/watching this film. It is what people say it is- entertaining ,not in a Ghost Adventures Way but in a fresh, honest and humorous (while still serious to a point). Yet my issue is that at the end of the day it really does not give you a good or fair enough evaluation of whether ghosts are real or not. It definitely shows you the pit falls of paranormal investigations which are many, yet they themselves never really get it right either. I have watched every show documentary (including Barry Taft , Lloyd Auerbach & Hans Holzer) as well as all the Ghost reality/docum. shows. They are 2 different entities though (parapsychology & paranormal investigators) both have a place in the search for the truth. But until fame,fortune ,ego as well as using the tools that have worked in the past- see Ed & Loraine Warren , Ghost Adventures documentary (the best to date as well as there early work, until his ego won over) and trying new techniques like- the use of knowledge from religious texts , Bible, Josephus etc.then this can go to the next level.

  • Mike - Just don't ask for help or expect it to work

    The scanning went fine all the way until I ended up with nav.exe causing very high CPU. I followed the links to get Help, which ultimately dumped me in a Forum. I created a message with very detailed information about my problem and the troubleshooting I did along with the results. I waited a week. No response from Norton. I prodded the Forum and got two messages. Both from just people out on the web that happen to monitor this forum (a strange thing to do) and not actual Norton employees. Norton has to this day never respond to the problem.

  • honestReviews - Really works well!!!!! One application ...

    Really works well!!!!! One application did the job!!! Between this and the diamaticious earth we have had 0 issues with bugs or roaches or bites at night for a couple months so far!! Fingers crossed that the 12 month claim holds out ! :)

  • Mary Sue Hoover - It truly was an incredible voyage!

    While it is a story I have long known, it was in a somewhat abstract way. I got this book for my husband & I ended up reading it almost in one sitting! It was very well written & the characters seemed to come to life for me.

  • Steve Ferris - I dread buying from quickbooks

    Purchased 2014 with enhanced payroll. This was to update 2012 and a recently expired payroll. Amazon download was quick. Installation of product was very slow. Then like 2012' the problems started. The help # they gave in the 2014 quickbooks does not work, and they direct you to web site. The website is useless to answer questions about registering enhanced payroll. I purchased. 2014 product said I had to renew expired payroll at 370.00 but I had already purchased payroll. Phone number given in website directed me to- yes- the website for the correct number. Did this routine again. Third time was a charm and actually got a friendly but somewhat incompetent rep to help. I had to explain at least 5 times I had purchased enhanced payroll with the upgrade. He eventually must have got help and resolved it, but it took about 45 minutes with him taking control of my computer to install a payroll key code. Found out later they emailed me a key code, but never received any notification they had sent such an email.

  • teresa reynolds - the writters market

    this product has been very very helpful. i will recommend it to other writters. the stuff in this book has helped write our query letters and other helpful things...

  • Shannon Price - Great Rocker for "15 Polaris Ranger 900 XP

    Rocker switch/housing fit nicely in dash of '15 Polaris Ranger 900 XP. Instructions and install went pretty simple. Plenty of length to install light bar on lower front of ranger. I rolled up extra set of hookups for 2nd light and left in dash area for future use.