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  • lala - Works okay for a sore scalp

    I had been using Nizoral with great success for a year now. I have a sore scalp, followed by hair loss. I was diagnosed with chronic telogen effluvium, seborrheic dermatitis (although I never scale or flake at all) and androgenetic alopecia. The other shampoo is all of a sudden impossible to find so I thought I'd give this a try. I've tried all other salycilic acid shampoos, ketoconazole, zinc, etc and none work for me. This shampoo does take the soreness away if I use it every day, so it must be working somewhat. None of the other shampoos even help with soreness. I have yet to see any regrowth, but it's only been about 2 months. I will say that I only use this product on my scalp and not the rest of my hair because I don't like the way it makes my hair feel. I am used to using Redken and Pureology and this shampoo leaves my hair feeling dried out and makes it look like I have split ends when I use it on the rest of my hair. But, it's worth using just on the scalp. Also, I have copper color in my hair which fades really quickly, but this doesn't seem to make it fade any faster than any other shampoo which is a good thing.

  • Amazon Customer - The plastic piece snapped the second we put pressure on ...

    The plastic piece snapped the second we put pressure on it to install it. I would not buy this product again

  • Sydney Chock - Great for Insignia

    I've used Nevr-Dull throughout my military career. Even in these days of Sta-brite and other "no-shine" insignia, air pollution and time dull the finish on the gold plate and chrome plated items. Or in some cases the plating has worn down. Nevr-Dull removes the tarnish gently and without a lot of rubbing. I also use it on other copper, brass and silver items. It works.

  • Reina Gonzalez - A fan of Takumi Saito

    I am a fan of Takumi Saito and this movie is interesting. Reminds me of Crows Zero. But the subtitles are very bad. I'm just watching the movie to watch it I really have no idea what's going on in it.

  • Tiff - No difference at all.

    I took this for one month and saw no difference in my hair at all. It was a waist of money and the reviews on the site are obviously filtered to keep off too many bad reviews.


    I've used Bluetooth for about 9 years...I researched just a bit when I bought my first one and settled on Plantronics and have used nothing else since. The dependability is off the scale...I'm 50 years old and go from one minute wrestling with 2, 3, and 5 year old grandsons to crawling under and working on cars or playing tackle football with kids 1/3 my age the next and have countless times forgot to that I had it on...It takes a beating....I'm also a 29 year (and counting veteran police officer) at a tiny 6 man PD in southwest Indiana, 15 miles away from nearest other law enforcement, and we almost always work with just one guy on....I've talked with 911 dispatchers while crawled up inside an inverted car on the highway; I've stayed on with my local dispatchers while breaking up and being in fights; and have got real time to & from dispatchers and other officers on the phone so that nothing was broadcast over scanners on the way to intense/serious calls AND, most importantly, so I could keep both hands on the wheel when driving hard....There's also been many times when I've been on my way to a call and be driving with one hand, talking to dispatch on my car radio with the other, and talking to a 911 dispatcher or victim or another officer all at the same time....AND all because of a PLANTRONICS Pro, then a Pro HD, and now the PLANTRONICS LEGEND....Testament that these things are the best sound quality and most durable Bluetooth that you can buy...There's been MANY work situations that this Plantronics Legend has been responsible for allowing me to go back home and get back to those football games and wrestling matches... :)