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  • Patrick E. Mcdonald - razor burn

    This is a great product. I got suckered at the mall into buying this for like 60 bucks! I wish i would've looked it up and bought it on here first, it is much much cheaper! The guy said it would take away my razorburn and i didn't really believe him but he said that i could try it and return it. he lied, when you purchase at the mall, then there is no refund. however, didn't really care because the product does what it says it does. i use it with the hydro 3 blade razor and the sensitive skin shave gel, but i think that it's really the product that makes the difference. so if anyone you know gets razorburn bad, then recommend them this product because it really does work.

  • Old Timer - Without a 40.00 to 60.00 update its' worthless

    Without a 40.00 to 60.00 update its' worthless. You are stuck with their music which is worthless. I made a big mistake by upgrading from Basic 9.

  • totallyfrozen - Noticeably effective!

    I live in the Houston, TX area (i.e. subtropical climate). My garage is what you'd call "unfinished" meaning, no dry wall, etc. it's a work space; not an extra room. So it's not sealed from the outside climate. My garage gets very hot and damp. I'm pretty meticulous about taking care of my stuff so I clean my tools (and oil them if necessary) before I put them away. Still, I started noticing my tools rusting and some rather "earthy" smells in the garage. I had learned out DampRid from a family member who used it in an RV so I thought I'd try it. Honestly, given the size of my garage and the fact that outside air blows in, I didn't expect much benefit. After the first night in use, I went into the garage and could FEEL the difference. It's not as effective as a dehumidifier but it doesn't cost $300 either. So far, I'm happy.

  • Amazon Customer - Company takes too long to repair or replace defective machines

    We purchased this machine six weeks ago from a large sporting goods store. Since then, three different technicians have been out trying to make it actually work. The company simply keeps forcing new parts to be ordered - which takes a week - and then sends out technicians who don't even live near us (and so we can't schedule anything convenient) - which takes another week. Rather than simply approving a swap-out of machines or refunding our money, they keep forcing us to keep a $900 machine that doesn't work. I will never buy a product from this company again, and I recommend others stay away from it as well. Their customer service is unacceptable.

  • Julie - Perfect fit for Tender Vibes

    After purchasing 4 different sheets for our bassinet (tender vibes), we found these and they fit perfectly!