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Dubois Betourné & Associates, LLC - Dubois Betourne & Associates is a communications company with specialties in medical writing, data management and reporting, and public relations. DBA delivers award-winning campaigns and products that position clients as winners in their marketplaces. Since 1990.

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  • Kyme - It could definitely be better. I did a lot of research before purchasing ...

    It could definitely be better. I did a lot of research before purchasing this stroller. It doesn't handle any additional weight very well. Put a few shopping bags on it and it gets difficult to push and steer. A lot bulkier than I realized it would be. I have concerns about it lasting for the few years I will need it. The wheels don't seem very sturdy. I will try to not use it on any rough terrain.

  • Bobenny - Great Music

    This was a selection I made for a section of a fishing/hunting DVD I made for my husband & his friends of 20 years. Great in the fishing section. Love the music anyway.

  • SireEby - Good Program but No H&R Block Loyalty Benefits

    The program is good enough, guided by a series of simple questions. Although this program and TurboTax are about equals in being the best tax prep software out there, I chose this one because I've used H&R Block in the past and thought I could import my previous filings into here. IF YOU DID YOUR TAXES AT AN OFFICE, YOU CANNOT IMPORT YOUR FILING!!! If you filed online, or with another software product, they all generate a common format file that this will easily import, but if you did your taxes in person, you've got to start from the beginning with this. It'll get the job done, but it's going to be more work than I had hoped for.

  • ThreeDogsMama - Labelled "non toxic" but it is NOT "non toxic"

    This product is most definitely NOT "non toxic". READ THE MSDS. DO NOT use this product anywhere near your pets, or where they can eventually get it on their feet and potentially lick it off of their paws. Even if you think you have used lots of water to dilute it and in rinsing, this product will cause seizures and could easily kill a chemically sensitive animal.

  • Mark Gottwald - It used to be great and highly recommended

    Avast used to be very good and came highly recommended. In fact I used avast for near 7 or 8 years. Now with all the ads and popups it is just rather annoying anymore. I understand what they are trying to do to make money, but enough already with the popups that just will not go away until "X"d out.