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  • Cameron - Overall Good Case

    I would give this case 5 stars for quality and 4 stars for my personal preference. First off, no it does not include a screen cover, but it blatantly says that in the description, so not going to knock any stars off for that. Besides, I feel the raised beveled edges do enough to protect the case regardless. The 2-piece case feels sturdy and well built so no complaints there. In the quality department, no complaints here. If I was that passionate about a screen protector, I would have gotten a defender.

  • Jorder - Curbs snacking

    I'm giving this four stars for now. I read all the reviews and decided to dilute this with fractionated coconut oil and apply to my feet at night. Two applications and I can already tell that I'm not continuously looking for food. I tend to stress eat and I've had a very stressful couple of days. No additional snacking, that's a plus so far. I'll update in a while to see if this method helps me lose weight.