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  • M. H. Self - Perfectly Priced

    My hair dresser always uses this on my hair, and my hair always looks amazing... but the price int he salon was $48.... finding the exact brand and size for pennies compared to the Salon Price is worth it! You dont need much, but this oil keeps the frizzy fly aways at bay even on the most HUMID days!!!!

  • Doris Blade - Overall very pleased.

    Worked really well for me, took a couple of weeks to kick in but i lost 9 pounds over the course of the tablets. Mainly helped me reduce my calorie intake without feeling too hungry. Overall very pleased.

  • Allegra C. - Many Uses, Low Price, Excellent Product

    As so many have noted, this stuff has applications all over the place. I have used it when bird mites become a problem around my bird feeders (mite populations occasionally explode, and they are happy to bite people as well as birds -- and their bites last weeks and itch amazingly). I use it as a mineral supplement, with excellent results (usually put it in smoothies). My plants seem to like it as a soil amendment, though I am careful to blend it into the soil to be sure that beneficial insects won't be killed when they come to pollinate my plants or eat my plants' many marauders -- any exoskeleton is at risk. Don't use it if you want to preserve your butterflies, ladybugs, green lacewings, etc. DE is a natural substance that won't hurt people or pets, but it can decimate a well-balanced plant-insect ecosystem if used indiscriminately -- and that isn't an ecological result even if you do get rid of those pesky squash bugs (or whatever). But DE has so many wonderful uses (which I'm still discovering) that it is well worth having on hand in the kitchen and garden. (I've seen our mourning doves taking dust baths in a mix of DE and clay dust that I keep near the feeders, so apparently they like it too...)

  • Voice of Reason - Total Transformation...of your money, into their pockets...FOREVER!

    For those of you who, like myself, chose to buy this program from Legacy directly, I strongly suggest you check your credit card statements. This company baits you into selecting their "trial" for a support line for initially just $1...but if you don't call and cancel, you'll continue to get charged $49 indefinitely. They don't care if you don't recall requesting the trial option, that you never used it, etc.