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  • James Cannon - Easy reading

    The writing style of QB for Dummies is almost entertaining and is definitely light-hearted. It is my first-read on the QuickBooks subject.

  • Amanda L. Squires - Stand back--mathematicians are armed and dangerous!

    Weapons of Math Destruction (WMD) is written by a mathematician whose experience as a university math professor, a quant for a hedge fund, and a data scientist makes her uniquely qualified to study and assess the wide-spread use of mathematical models in a multitude of situations. O’Neil discusses a variety of data issues in her book, including how models are developed and maintained, whether or not models can or should be used to assess certain situations, and the potential negative impacts of misuse of mathematical models.

  • scmk - Most kids should like this one.

    I have not read it to any of our grandchildren yet, so can't say that what seems far fetched to me, would not appeal to a child. Pictures and color is good which should be enjoyable to a child even if he/she cannot picture dad in the superhero role.

  • Cat Leon - Webroot Secure Anywhere

    Have been using Webroot since purchasing this computer. (2003) Can't say anything but "Great". I have had little or no problems with this. It is wonderful to know I'm in such good hands and the protection is the best. Thank you Webroot!1

  • bnsprof - Worthwhile upgrade from 800

    Have used it now for 8 or 10 rides. Despite being smaller, the higher resolution screen is even better. No trouble pairing old heart rate monitor, speed monitor, and power meter. Very much enjoying the blue tooth connection that allows me to see texts and call identities without having to look at phone. The interaction with the new Connect app on iPhone is also nice. Also automatic uploading to Garmin Connect and Strava removes one step from my postride activities. I have had one false-alarm incident detection event. Unfortunately I didn't catch it in time to disable and it scared my wife, but good to know that it works. I'm guessing that hitting a bump in the road while riding exceptionally slow set it off, since I've hit much worse bumps going fast that didn't do so. Some people have complained about the oversensitivity of the touch screen. That does occasionally cause minor missteps when working with settings. However, it is actually nice when riding and trying to move from one screen to the next (particularly since my old 800 had the opposite problem). I have a lot of Strava segments on the routes that I ride and thought it would be nice to have real-time feedback but found it mostly annoying to activate a bunch of segments and now only activate 1 or 2 segments per ride that I want to

  • Dr. Amy - Why don't we have a nut cracker with Trump's left ...

    Why don't we have a nut cracker with Trump's left and right ears as the nut crushers since there is nothing else going on between them?

  • P Mizutani - A real life saver…

    When the woes of premenopausal just got to be too much for this human – I turned to my herbalist for advice. Honestly, their recommendations worked great but creating the teas and blends were a bit time consuming. Taking a cue from her advice on herb combinations, I was happy to discover many of the herbs present in Estrolibrium. This miracle in a bottle saves me precious time during the day and seems to offer up everything it claims. Give this a shot if you’re in that time of life…you’ll be glad you did!