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future health now! dr carolyn dean's 2-yeartotal wellness program - a 2-year continuity program with reoccurring payments every 4 weeks ever 7 days a 5+ page pdf document -- written by a medical doctor and naturopath -- details strategies (from her seven pillars of health model) for improving health and wellbeing

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  • B. Montie - Great book

    Great for the new GRE. I took the GRE before it changed, did ok. I then used this book to study for the new GRE and did significantly better.

  • nick - Five Stars

    Fits great! I didn't really notice any loss in reception. Looks a lot better than the stock antenna.

  • Russell A. - Good product, lousy renewal

    The only reason for a three is I started using Weboot a year ago and have really liked the way it works, I received a notice for renewing and noticed that Webroot wanted $49 for renew? I went to Amazon and it is $20 so I downloaded it from Amazon and got the code number and I presume the download. Went to Webroot account and put in the code with new security info, closed out the program, restarted the computer and I am still getting a pop-up that says I need to renew in a few day. Would like to hear from Webroot as their support is rather complex and I am not allowed to communicate by online chat or email.

  • Scott C. - Great Little Generator

    I have a small wood shop that I occasionally need an extra shot of power. I live in the Midwest where it typically gets very cold in the winter. I recently ran my 15amp heater and air filter with the generator for about 3 hours one cold day. I received it, filled it up with gas and oil and pulled the recoil starter and it started on the first pull and ran until I shut it off. Another day I ran my shop vac system and table saw on the generator. After a 3 or 4 second surge, the voltage stabilized and ran unabated. This generator is real good up to 3,000 watts. I did trip it when I ran what I estimated to be 3,200 watts connected to it. This included a 15 amp shop lamp, 15 amp heater and 1.5 amp air cleaner. It performs as I need it too and if we ever do have a power outage I can run my fridge and freezer without issue. For the money, this is a great little generator and I would recommend this to any hobbyist who needs and extra boost of power or to the pro needing some work site help with small wattage equipment. BTW..there are lots of forums out there questioning if the generator needs grounded or not. I called the factory rep that sells these locally. He stated he has sold over 500 of these. He has never heard of anyone pounding the 8' rod into the ground. Common sense is the key with anything electric. Don't get it wet, don't use it past what it is suppose to be used for and keep it in good operating condition. I grew up on a farm, we had 6K - 9K generators on the back of our tractors and pick-ups. Never grounded one of them and all of us are alive and kicking.:)..

  • Divini"T" - Waste of Money

    This product advertised results are bogus. It did nothing for me. I wish I could get my money back. Don't waste your money on these products promoted on the cruise ships. They must pay the cruise ships well to lie the way they do.

  • Laura - Worst Customer and Tech Support Ever

    If you really like being placed on hold forever when Act breaks, then this is for you. If you really like being locked into upgrades because Salesforce will charge to $5000+ just to get your data out of Act with no guarantees that it will work; then this is for you. If you like arguing the Outlook endlessly over where your emails are, then this is for you. When you finally do get tech support response to a reasonable question like "how does Act host work online" with "you just install it on a server and it works." Seriously??? And I'm not a techie.