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  • Jim Patchell - One of the most useful tools I ever bought

    This thing is simply amazing. I wish I had had one of these a long time ago. It does just exactly what it says it does, and it really makes building things a lot simpler. This is a must buy for any wood worker, beginner or expert.

  • JeffSheff - but I have to same I was amazed at how well this little unit works on my ...

    I now have an expensive TENS unit, but I have to same I was amazed at how well this little unit works on my arm. I will continue to use it as I travel for business! If my new, larger unit wasn't covered by insurance, I would have been happy to just have this one.

  • Don P. - This stuff is Great!

    My tub/shower was the old yellow/gold color they used back in the 70's. I had just replaced my sink and toilet, in the "Bone" color. It was time to do the tub but didn't want to have to rebuild my untire bathroom. Did some research on refinishing and found the Rust-Oleum. I purchased it in the Almond color.I used 2 kits for the tub/shower style I have. Mixed them seperatly, then combined them in one small pail just before starting. The whole process was really quite easy. A little bit time consuming preping the tub, but far better that the time and money one would have into replacing the tub. Also, the 3 day drying time wasn't all that bad. Some kits required 5 days.

  • save$$ spend less - sweat sweat works

    I put this on along with a trimming belt as it say 30min workout I did on my treadmil you will sweat like crazy it realy does work

  • K4tr0y - I'm a Believer

    I was very skeptical about this mount for the price point and the few parts it had. I received the item fast and unpacked it and when I compared it to mounts I had in the past, it was a fraction of the weight and very simple. Just a couple pieces that directly hook to the TV, and a few more for the mounting bracket. The TV I was mounting was a 52" Sony Aquos, so a 55" would have fit beautifully on this mount.

  • L. Helm - Not worth the money

    I purchased the Back2Life April 23, 2010. I've had it for 3 agonizing weeks and I am sending it back. When I first got it, I noticed it didn't do much but I did feel some movement throughout my back and with my condition, I have degenerative disc disease with a dessicated disc and a chronic sprain at T7/T8 and I have a bulging disc with spinal stenosis at L4/L5, I thought the light movement would be beneficial because I cannot move much without excrutiating pain. I thought this would help ease me back into having some range of motion and I would feel better. When you get to this point, you will try anything! It did not help, in fact, it made my lower back much worse. I used it twice a day and followed all the instructions to the T. I was so naive at first I didn't realize it was the machine making me worse, some days are just worse than others and the machine didn't do much so I didn't attribute it at first. I stopped using it mainly because I was hurting too bad to do so and my lower back started feeling better. So this was a huge waste of money and energy for me. I just disassembled it to send it back and really hurt my back disassembling it (the assembly was easy.) I found disassembly instructions in the owner's manual after I hurt myself and got it taken apart. If you have to disassemble this machine, please see your owner's manual. This has nothing to do with the machine itself, probably just my bad luck, but when I took the leg off the bottom it didn't slide off and so I had to give it a little push up and it flew off and hit me in the face and I was bleeding. I finally got it back in the box to go back and I will be so glad to be done with it! I hope I can help people with conditions similar to mine to save their time and energy (and backs) with this review.