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  • S. Baxter - Five Stars

    Perfect as advertised. This item fits my 2014 Mercedes Sprinter passenger van like a glove. Awesome.

  • CPoint - Great backup software

    Been using Acronis long time. Easy to use, very reliable. Backup all my PC's with Acronis. They saved me numerous times from catastrophe.

  • Kim Nasce - Excellent

    Thank you for opening your heart and telling your story. I admire you for being yourself and not compromising on your values. I hope to see more Rehab Addict episodes in the future. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Gina - This book was everything and MORE!

    When I first met Georgie in The Summer Games: Settling The Score, I knew she needed her own book and I am beyond thrilled the author wrote it. I was Team Georgie from the beginning! She is just so fun, spunky, and she has that very memorable personality. Then there's Gialuca...swoon! With tragedy in his past, he seemed to be just going through the motions. Content with his life, but Georgie seemed to show him how to live! She was relentless and never gave up. In the end it paid off.

  • JWalk - It's Tax software

    It works but every year it seems the interface gets less friendly. If you knew nothing about taxes you could end up skipping or missing deductions because this program would rather you didn't take them. It errs on the side of caution. If you get through the "interview" without any "exceptions" you can be almost assured of two things. You left money on the table and you don't have to worry about "cheating" because this program won't let you forget an "override."

  • Monique Reviews - Good Taste and Mixes Well

    Bought the cookies and cream to mix up my supplements. The taste is great and the nutritional profile looks good. I wish it had more protein per scoop but it's not bad. I mix it up in a shaker cup with water and it mixes well. Great for if our on the run. I would buy again.

  • TennisMan - They are a bit expensive but you get what you pay for.

    I was contemplating over the price. Are they really worth the price since they are the most expensive compared to competitors. They fit like a glove and that's what you are paying for. Front and back mats fit to every contour needed in my car. I love the durable look and non-skid texture of the mats. Got it installed in minutes and loves what it's done to my Accord. Don't just go for Genuine Honda mats. Pay the extra to get these much more versatile and durable mats to give your car an upgraded interior look. I have toddler kids and I knew this had to be part of my arsenal in protecting my car. I'm sure even if they spill something, I will only shout half as loud now since the spill will be well contained.