Review: Разбор легковых иномарок Дельфин - Интернет магазин б\у запчастей для иномарок. Большой выбор запасных частей с доставкой по всей России. В наличии и под заказ из Европы. Адекватные цены!

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  • Amazon Customer - Quick results, highly recommended!

    I had surgery several months ago and the only recommendation my surgeon gave was to use the silicone tapes, which I did. It helped getting a more even skin...but not with the redness. So I bought Bio-Corneus ($50) and it did nothing. I bought Foxbrim and honestly I saw a reduction in the redness just a few days later. The lotion is light, absorbs quicky and has a nice scent. This product cost me half and is two times more effective.

  • Walden - Great Shampoo

    I have thin hair type. I bought this product for the obvious reason that perhaps it could revive a little body into my locks. Since I have been using it for a few months now, I always notice how clean my hair feels. Not sure whether it feels any thicker, but am very pleased with a clean scent, a clean feel, and a noticable shine. Will buy again.

  • L.F.Falconer - Absolutely Amazing

    Endurance. In his wildest imagination, Alfred Lansing could not have concocted a more fitting title for this book and had this been a work of fiction I would've judged it to be a bit over-the-top, like a Bruce Willis action movie. But since it is true-life adventure, the harrowing plight of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton was one gripping, heart-wrenching misadventure. Trial after trial these men had put before them, only to prove that man's innovation and dauntless will to survive can often overcome the most overwhelming odds of defeat.

  • R. Dee - worst software in the world!

    I think that roxio has been purchased by music industry scumbags, version 5 was great but now it just doesn't work and there is no customer support of any kind. Garbage stay away from this fraud.

  • BabydollB - Not for me.

    I was soooo excited to try this product but it came short to my expectations. It didn't hydrate my 3b/3c curls. It gave me absolutely no slip, therefore causing it to be extremely difficult to detangle my curls, left my hair dry and weighed down. I was so disappointed. The formula is quite thick and it was soo hard to squeeze this out of the tube. This product just didn't work for me unfortunatley.

  • Doug - Good at first and then problems.

    The shoes were great the 1st day. After that 1 shoe stopped working and the other shoe followed shortly after. Possible issue with quality control. I have requested a return shipping label and will update with progress.

  • Washington Flyer - Great book for a beginner

    This is exactly the book that I was looking for; a comprehensive guide for a beginner. From this book I've been able to narrow down the investment style what I feel most comfortable with then research further. The author promotes his newsletter and other publications that many investors use but I was fine with this because I had no idea which resources to use and which ones are worth using. I would highly recommend this book for a beginner.