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  • Amazon Customer - Finally on the right path to optimal health!

    I have tried so many different products and prescriptions to feel healthy again and found that most had me feeling worse. I bought this book expecting more of the same results but figured I would give it the 30 days and hope for a good outcome. Well I am now about 80 days in and feeling the best I have in a very long time. Blood work is in a few weeks so that will confirm one way or the other if indeed I am on the right path. I feel so great physically as well as mentally and have even lost 7 pounds since starting. This book was so well written and very enjoyable and what it taught me about overall health and the negatives of taking most prescription drugs was very enlightening. If you are looking to get your health back the natural way then Over the counter natural cures is a must read!!!!

  • mmpotter59 - Completely happy with this purchase!

    I wanted to use this product for a bit before posting a review, so that I could give an honest opinion backed by use. I’ve tried a couple of things to test it: I placed water in the tumbler with a small amount of ice. I checked it about an hour later and the water was still cold and there was still some ice in the tumbler. I assumed that it didn’t retain more ice was because I had just received the tumbler, where it had been sitting on my porch for a few hours on a very hot day. For a couple of days, I used the tumbler strictly for cold beverages and it did a great job of retaining ice and keeping beverages very cold for long periods of time. Today, I made a tumbler full of coffee and headed to work a little before 8 am. Not long after settling at my desk, I drank from the tumbler of coffee and it was far hotter than I prefer. I let it sit a little longer, and slowly was able to drink from the tumbler. I sipped from the tumbler all morning, and I left for lunch at 1:15 pm, and the coffee was still surprisingly warm. I took the tumbler home with me and left it on the counter. When I arrived home about 5:30 pm, I took a sip from the coffee, and honestly, I could have finished the rest, but since it sat out all day and had creamer in it, I thought better of it. I’m thoroughly impressed with this tumbler and now wish I had bought the 2 pack! The reason I bought the Rtic instead of the Yeti was the comparison video of the coolers that I saw on YouTube. The video caused me to assume that the same would be true of the steel tumblers, and having no firsthand experience with a Yeti tumbler, I can’t attest to that, however, I am completely happy with this Rtic tumbler.

  • Stephen R - Long lasting

    Lasts a whole season instead of teak oil which only lasts a few months. After a few yrs I don't even need to do it yearly.

  • Rich R. - It Works

    Check engine light was diagnosed as a bad catalytic converter. After driving approximately 50 miles with Mr gasket cataclean the check engine light went out. 2 months later the light is still out and the car runs great.

  • MIllsley - Five Stars

    Great boost of energy, it's cut down evening cravings, no dizziness like most, deleviers great result A++++

  • gina gambotto - One Word "MONOPOLY" !!!!

    It really sucks to be virtually dependent to a company that provides one of the only user friendly products for payroll out there, one that we have been using for years. There are so many creative and intelligent companies out there, will one of you please create competitive payroll product to put Intuit in it's place! I'm so angry with the new pricing structure, it's absolutely horrible. Talk about unethical and greedy. What's next for 2015? Toll numbers to the Philippines to get customer service!!! That's a whole other "poor service" issue.

  • Brookie - This book answers all your HR questions

    Need a list of questions for interviewing job applicants? Need guidelines on how to coach an employee in meeting performance goals? Need answers to all those pesky HR issues and problems you encounter every day? Then buy this book and you'll be set! The handy index makes it easy to find information on any HR issue you face. Every manager, business owner, and HR professional will want to have this book in their office as a reference.