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  • D. Smith - Could have been a really good movie

    Witty dialog saved this movie. The interesting thing is that half the movie attempts to debunk the idea of Gods, then gives super powers to an entire squad supporting Hercules. The action is so over the top to ALMOST be comical, but you have no thrill watching the cartoonish action. The Road Runner has more realistic action than this movie. The acting is not exceptional but isn't going to destroy your faith in humanity either. The special effects are top notch. This could have been an awesome movie if it was not so hypocritical. The dialog could have been inspiring if the movie was not done with comic book type action. Seriously, a guy throwing knives and taking out waves of enemy, a woman shooting multiple arrows hitting multiple targets and killing all instantly. Finally the last feat of Hercules goes against everything the movie tried to build, which completely destroyed the whole suspense of disbelief. Even the sword fights among mere mortals were poorly choreographed and cartoonish. Luckily I was not disappointed as I had low expectations to start with. The humor in the movie makes it worth watching however.

  • beba - Ringo All Starr Band

    This DVD I great. Quality is good, music is great. Arrived quickly. Ringo plays with many great players and there are a few surprises.