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  • TAMooreIndy - Honda Sensing is Awesome. It's very quiet inside too....NICE

    I have a CIVIC EXT with CVT and Honda Sensing. I paid for the Honda sensing because I'm 61 years old and I was commuting 150 miles from Indianapolis to Evansville, Indiana once a week and the drive was very boring. My last car was a Buick Verano. I actually retired a few weeks ago so I no longer need to make the trip. But while I did this car was awesome. It was quieter than the Buick. It connected great to my iPhone and I could listen to podcasts to entertain myself on the trips. The car practically drove itself. All I did was set the cruise and go. If I started to drift if bumped back into the lane, it speeded up or slowed down to keep proper distance from other cars. And it looks fantastic. Mine is Blue and I've had many people randomly compliment how nice it looks. When I was young I had my share of muscle cars, Camaro, Corvette, etc. Of course this car is not that fast, but it will get up and go for sure. 2016 was definitely a big improvement in the design of this car.

  • Dennis - Horrible menus, bad beyond belief

    Hate it. I downgraded from the 2010 version, which I like very much, but 2010 won't write to GBT drives. 2016 menus are terrible, the worst. Difficult to find previous backups; it's hard to imagine why anyone would design the menus like this. Absolute pits. 2016's interface is the worst of any software I've ever used.

  • Erin Dahl - Works like a charm!

    I use it so I can walk my son's golf tournament & keep his water & fruit cool. It works great! I recommend using the cool packs instead of ice so it doesn't get heavy when the ice melts.

  • Vicky Toshach - Battery Life Is Bad

    I love the thought of this but I had to give it up. iHealth was very nice and sent me a new one when I told them my battery keeps dying within a month or two. There is no way to recharge it. They told me that had heard of this issue and sent me a new one. But that also died within a month or two.

  • Tricia Fields - Best Skillet I Own

    I love my cast iron skillets. I enjoy cooking with them and even properly caring for them. I love the rich black surface of my well cared for Lodge and Wagner skillets. I keep one small nonstick pan in the cabinet and use it occasionally when I don't feel like dragging out the heavy cast iron. Then I notice the pit marks where the Teflon coating has started peeling off and I think about the research condemning nonstick and go back to the heavy CI. I do like the enameled cast iron from Le Creuset, but it's still cast iron, so it's still just as heavy.

  • John Mullender - Cheated by Amazon

    I feel I was cheated. You will see from my order history I bought a download version of this product as well. I did this because I received a message that the delivery of my disk order had been turned around mid-delivery and returned to the sender. I think it was because I had left instructions for USPS to forward my mail to WA from CA beginning on the day it was to be delivered. I did not know that the order was to be delivered USPS, and I had received some recent orders by UPS. No problem, I just ordered the download copy (my second order). What I was NOT told was that Amazon (or USPS--I am not sure) went ahead and delivered my order to my second address in WA. When I arrived in WA, there it was. I downloaded a permit to return the product, sent it in, and received an email rejecting my refund request because I had tampered with the product. I had no reason to reinstall the product. I can only guess that I may have put it in my disk drive to be sure it was the same version, but I don;'t remember even doing that. It seems to me that even the people at Amazon might wonder why I would order and install a second copy. I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and order a lot of stuff from Amazon. I am really disappointed in the way I have been treated with this order.

  • Amazon Customer - Music sucks!

    The game is ok. My kids love it but the music sucks. Only 2 good songs. The rest of the songs are really old. It's the 21st century no one wants to hear this old garbage. "Hit the the road jack". Is this a game for 2016 or an old school jam mixtape?