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Natural Pain Relief | Dancing with Pain® - Explore the magic of dance as a powerful and innovative tool for natural pain relief, and utilize dance as a metaphor for a dynamic spiritual relationship to chronic pain.

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  • Cindy Carlson - won't buy again

    Bought the revitalizer spray, as well as shampoo and conditioner. Can't say that I am too impressed. For what I spent I don't feel as though it has done much for me. Have been using for about a month. Maybe a little less in the way of hair loss, however, I don't like the way it makes my hair feel. It is so dry and and "lifeless" now.


    First, this arrived leaking. They ship the sprayer in the bottle, so there's no protection keeping the liquid inside.

  • Anne White - Great Treadmill, but disappointed about manufacturer defect?

    After doing much research on treadmills, I decided on the Sole F63. It has the highest user ratings, consumer reports and treadmill doctor rate it a "Best buy" and by far, the best warranty in its price range. I purchased the Treadmill at Dick's Sporting Goods for $799.00 - it was on sale (they are bringing in the new models). I was estactic to get the treadmill for this price, when just a few weeks ago, it was going for $899.00. The treadmill is very heavy. I still am not sure how my husband and I got the thing down 6 steps. Putting it together was minimal. It took about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I proceeded to start the treadmill and get to about 3 mph when I started hearing a rubbing sound. The belt was rubbing on the plastic motor cover on the left side. After further inspection, my husband noted that the left side of the motor cover has about 1-2" more plastic which is overlapping on the deck where the belt is rubbing against it. (I also ran the treadmill at 12mph (not with me on it though) and it makes a loud sound like someone is hammering on a wood floor. Don't know if this is a big deal as I will never get the treadmill to 12mph - (I am just a walker). But will mention if they send a service technician out). For the time being, my husband loosened the motor cover a bit and raised it to prevent the belt from rubbing aainst the left side of the motor cover. With the belt rubbing, it would have frayed the left side and destroyed the belt. I have emailed tech service at Sole (Sat. night) and am waiting a response. I think there must have been a defect when they manufactured the motor cover as one side is not the same as the other. I am hoping to just get a new motor cover and get back on my treadmill. I am a bit disappointed because you would think spending this much money on something, you shouldn't have any issues as such.

  • Irishlawlass - Great for two-handed people

    We just bought this stroller for our second child due this fall. We put the entire thing together in about five minutes without tools. Assembly could NOT have been easier -- good instructions and simple "click in" parts. No trouble whatsoever. This stroller will be a dream to use compared to the Graco tour system we had with our first child. Before buying this stroller I read complaints about not being able to fold it down with one hand. Unless you lost your second hand or the use of it, why on earth would this be an issue for anybody? I make a habit of routinely using both my hands to make any task easier -- that's what they're there for. I always place my child in the car first (gets them out of traffic, busy parking lots & weather) and then I collapse the stroller and put it in the trunk myself -- WITH TWO HANDS. I would love to see the stroller that is so lightweight and so truly one-handed that you can collapse it with one button and lift it into the car without the use of your other hand. It's not an automatic umbrella folks -- you don't want to risk it suddenly collapsing with your child it in because you accidentally hit one button and the entire thing folded down flat. I think at that point you would need two hands to assist your trapped child anyway. This stroller folds down with relative ease -- not any worse than any other I've seen. Could it be easier to fold down? Sure. Is it a reason not to buy this stroller? No. It's a beautiful stroller with a very ample canopy compared to the Graco tour we had previously (and we're very fair skinned Irish people so sun protection is no joke for us). It has a good sized basket for storage and I'm pretty sure I could stuff my diaper bag in it if need be. It could be larger but I'm not complaining. There are plenty of stroller packs and things you can buy to trick out your stroller storage if you feel the basket isn't big enough. It stinks that they couldn't throw in a cup holder but there is a survey card in the box that offers $10 off at the Britax site for any accessories so you can get your cup holder. If folding down with one hand and loads of storage are your top two concerns, maybe this stroller isn't for you. For the look, superb maneuverability, compact nature, safety and ease of assembly, I think we'll be very happy with this stroller and car seat combo (we bought the B Safe car seat as well) and I think most other two-handed parents will like it as well.

  • Dane - Arrived on time and work just fine

    Well, skeptical about 85 bucks for 2 chairs that normally retail for 100 apiece. But fear not, these chairs are built sturdy and will last years. i actually ordered an extra 100 feet of shock cord from Amazon for $10 to double the cord around the butts and backs of the chairs to last longer. I also ordered a $10 side table that mount up for each. The pillows are great, elastic keeps them in place, and you can easily mount an adjustable personal umbrella to keep ya from getting burned when your camping or fishing! If these chairs could grab you a cold beer and bbq brats, they would be the chair of the Gods.