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Home - Dakota County Connections - Dakota County Connections is a community collaborative in Nebraska, uniting partners to improve the quality of life and well-being of children and families.

  • http://dakotacountyconnections.com/about-us/ About Us - Dakota County Connections - Dakota County Connections is a community collaborative in Dakota County, Nebraska. SHIP is the backbone agency and grant coordinator for the project.
  • http://dakotacountyconnections.com/resources/health-care/ Health Care - Dakota County Connections - This resource listing provides the addresses and phone numbers of health care organizations. Each entry includes a brief description of the function of the organization.

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  • SquirlyGrl - Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information

    Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information. Will be using this book for years to come. GREAT Amazon price too!

  • Andrei Chendea - A great value shoe

    Very comfortable shoes right from the start. Accurate sizing and a great value for the money. I'm a weekend rider and do mostly road biking. I'll update this review if anything changes.

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    this is amazing. I love mommy bliss products. they have never failed me. i gave this to my son during the day. the next few hours we had an explosion. He was happy and no longer cranky

  • Cookie S - the jury is still out but i will continue using this product for the 'healthy' factor.

    have to say this stuff is green. i tried it different ways since i did not find the color or the taste as appealing as others said. my final solution was to mix it in 4 oz of fresca which is fizzy, not too sweet. i figured i could drink 4 oz easily and follow with water. i haven't noticed a difference, however that being said, i feel great knowing i'm getting nutrition from foods i normally do not consume. i don't do 5 servings a day of anything. since nothing negative is happening, i'm assuming it's doing something good for me inside. hope this feedback is useful.

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  • Vito Cristiano - I hate it

    The instructions are lousy consequently could not use this product. I do not know the language used in writing the instructions. The sellers should review the instructions their products before selling htem