Cypress Falls Animal Hospital | Veterinarian | Dr. Betty Halbrook, Dr. Heather Thomas and Dr. Bekki Watts - Cypress Falls Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Houston, TX 77095. We serve the Cypress and far northwest Houston area. We offer exams, vaccinations, grooming, surgery, boarding, radiology (X-rays), dental care, microchipping and emergency care.

  • Cypress Falls Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services - The veterinarians and staff at Cypress Falls Animal Hospital are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. Our services include wellness exams, vaccinations, puppy and kitten care, shelter exams, boarding, radiology (x-rays), ultrasounds, dental care, parasite prevention and control, surgery and emergency care. Our clinic is located just outside of Cypress and service the Northwest Houston and Cypress area.
  • Cypress Falls Animal Hospital, Our Veterinary Staff - Heather Thomas, Betty Halbrook, & Bekki Watts, DVM and the professional and courteous staff at Cypress Falls Animal Hospital seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients.
  • Cypress Falls Animal Hospital, Contact Us - This Cypress veterinary hospital is located on Huffmeister Road between Highway 290 and Highway 6. The veterinary clinic is located just down the road from Cypress Falls High School.
  • Cypress Falls Animal Hospital, More Info - Our veterinary clinic recommends North Houston Animal Emergency Willowbrook for after-hours emergency care. If you have lost or found a pet in the Cypress area the information can be emailed to Cypress Falls Animal Hospital or you can bring a found pet in to check for a microchip.
  • Cypress Falls Animal Hospital Clinic Specials - At our veterinary clinic we often have specials that can save pet owners money. Check back often to see what special is happing at Cypress Falls Animal Hospital.
  • Now Hiring Experience Veterinarian Technicians and Veterinarian Assistants - Cypress Falls Animal Hospital is hiring veterinarian technicians and veterinarian assistants with experience. Please apply in person.

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    The app store carries many flavors of iHealth software. Most are for languages other than English. But in English, the iHealth BPM app is older and does not (in my experience) sync with the cloud site. The newer iHealth My Vitals app syncs well. As the name suggests, the newer one encourages you to buy the scale, etc., as well, but it works fine for the dock device by itself. The dock and cuff work fine. The power cable will, as the ad says, plug in to either a Mac USB port or the AC adapter that comes with an iPad/iPod. As other reviews have pointed out, an iPhone 5 will need a docking adapter. The readings seem plausible and correlate with those of my old pump-up cuff device. The pumping motor is whisper quiet and the cuff pressure is comfortable. As a bonus, the packaging it arrives in is tough but is wonderfully easy to open up--a good example the electronics industry should follow. The app is not as self-evident as it should be, and the directions are rudimentary, so that detracts one star's worth. If the paper directions were fuller, that would eliminate the need for the frustration some reviewers have felt. But I'm glad I bought the device.