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  • chantelle albers - Doesn't work and Bad Odor

    This product simply doesn't work and it's oder is similar to that of NAIR. Not sure I want to put this on my skin. Not to mention it does nothing to increase your size. I also tried Glutboost and had better results with that.

  • Sophia A. Grant - This is essential during flu season!

    I love this product!!! It is great to avoid getting sick during the flu season, and it has multiple uses.

  • Amazing Phil - Loving it so far...

    This is so much better than my last phone. I can actually text without a stylus because the keyboard is large enough! I mostly use my phone for talk and text with the occasional use of data, so I'm not going to have to worry about running out of app memory. The main camera takes great pictures. At $60.00 you can safely forgo the expense of a case, and tempered glass screen protector (though I did get a cheap one to reduce finger smudges) If this phone breaks after a year or two, you can afford to replace it, and will probably be ready for an upgrade to the newest version anyway. I ran the recommended update with no problems. I really like the features of Android 5.0, and now that my Fire HD OS has updated to 5.0 (basically a modified version of lollipop) I am fairly current on the two devices I use the most. This phone is an excellent value for the price. No problems at all so far, Big enough to use, but still fits in my pocket, and I was able to use my standard PureTalk SIM card. Fantastic battery life with Wifi/Bluetooth turned off, and screen brightness dialed down.

  • Kindle Customer - Good Review!

    This book gives you a good review and I recomment it to all the students. It helps you in what to look in the question. It comes with a CD and this CD has a lot of questions so you can practice. The more you practice and better you get.

  • Average Consumer 123 - Unacceptable

    I purchased this book to see if I could take my toilet seat business international. After several showings on the "Shark Tank", Kevin O'Leary decided to sue me for getting festering splinters in his tuchas. I just don't understand it. I waxed, sanded, and polished every single one of my seats, and yet the wood grain took a disliking to his paisley buttocks. Distraught, and flabbergasted, I stormed off the set. In a fit of rage I cracked the seat in half....unknowingly creating the best invention known to man, the "halfassed seat"...Not only does it look aerodynamic, but it surprisingly cures constipation. Now, I'm no doctor, or businessman, or professional, or lawyer but this has got to be a hot commodity overseas, so I decided to sell it to the Chinese (after all, they've given us so many quality products over the years and I need to return the favor). I bought this book to see what my chances were for selling such an item...Going on the advice of what's in the book, I made the leap to sell the "halfassed" toilet seat in China. Kevin O'Leary saw what a marketable product I had, recommended that I install a clock radio, and USB charging port, and offered me $1000 for 100% of the company. Unfortunately we made this deal when I was drunk and I kept staring at his shiny head, like a deer in headlights. Now, shamed by the opportunity I missed, I work as a Wall street banker selling stocks and bonds, and IPhones on the side. I dream of the glorious life opportunity I could have had with my toilet seat.

  • Natco - great scheduling book

    Bought right when my job deployed EVM. Half way through it I switched jobs but this has come in handy when doing research for scheduling.

  • Tawna Kemp - L1 Low Speed

    Initially treadmill worked well and I was happy running about 15 miles a week, however within half of a month a L1 Low speed was popping up on the LCD and the treadmill was useless. After then reviewing the treadmill which I should've done in the first place I discovered usually when this happens once it continues to happen even after people have had sole servicemen over to fix. It sounds to me like they don't even know how to fix this issue. Since it had not been a month yet I returned to Dicks sporting good who honored the sale. Warning if you are buying buy local to decrease your chance of a recurring issue. I am just glad mines happened early so that it didn't mess me up on training for a marathon.