Review: | - Excessive & prolonged stress can cause the body to produce too much cortisol which can play a role in craving “comfort” foods, overeating, feeling fatigued, & storing excess body fat.

  • | - Cortisol Testing & Monitoring. The Causes & Symptoms of Stress; The Symptoms of Chronic Stress; Cortisol, Stress & Your Weight; Cortisol, Stress & Abdominal Fat.
  • The Cortisol-Stress Connection - - Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced in the cortex of the adrenal glands. Cortisol assists you in regulating blood pressure, cardiovascular functions, and your body’s use of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • The Causes & Symptoms of Stress - - What Is Cortisol? Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal gland similar to estrogen and testosterone.
  • Symptoms of Chronic Stress - - Chronic stress can be caused by illness, anxiety over financial matters, social crises, or emotional instability. Almost anything that causes physical or emotional pain can produce a stress response.
  • Cortisol, Stress & Your Weight - - The cortisol hormone serves many important functions in the body such as regulating blood sugar and blood pressure and providing energy for exercise and activity. Cortisol also plays a key role in the immunity and healing processes.
  • Cortisol, Stress & Abdominal Fat - - Cortisol causes bone cells to stop growing or to release calcium into the bloodstream. Excessive cortisol levels can lead to osteoporosis. Cortisol causes some fat cells to release their fats known as triglycerides, and causes other fat cells to absorb excess triglycerides.
  • The Connection Between Cortisol, Stress & Insulin - - Insulin acts on individual cells to allow cells to absorb glucose. Insulin resistance occurs when insulin is present at normal or high levels in the bloodstream, but does not allow cells to accept glucose. The result is high glucose as well as high insulin levels in the bloodstream. Obesity itself can trigger insulin resistance.
  • Cortisol, Insulin & Obesity - - Excess glucose that is not used for physical activity circulates in the bloodstream. Muscle and other cells that do not need the glucose reject it, causing an increase in insulin production.
  • Managing Stress: A Balancing Act - - We all have stress sometimes. For some people, it happens before having to speak in public. For other people, it might be before a first date. What causes stress for you may not be stressful for someone else.
  • Activities to Help You Manage and Cope with Stress - - A healthy lifestyle is an essential companion to any stress-reduction program. General health and stress resistance can be enhanced by regular exercise, a diet rich in a variety of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and by avoiding excessive alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.
  • The Connection Between Your Cortisol Levels and Vascular Tone - Article by Lisa Turner: "Although cortisol does play a vital role in stress management, over exposure can have an impact on your vascular tone. Throughout the day, your body's hormonal and neural mechanisms work to adapt vascular tone in response to environmental stimuli."
  • Cortisol and its negative effects directly related to stress - Cortisol is an essential hormone that our body needs to survive. When under stress, our body releases it to cope with the pressure we are subjected to that requires us to act fast—an impending deadline, a race we have to finish, being caught in a calamity or an emergency situation.

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