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  • Ray E. Lewis - Pc matic

    This program not only would no download to my pc, but they boosted my bill, from what I approved. Then either the company, or an unscrupulous employee ordered something on my card # and just yesterday tried to use that # again, but it's been cancelled for 3 weeks! These are crooks!

  • felisha giralmo - I see a lot of bad reviews on this but I like it

    I see a lot of bad reviews on this but I like it. I've lost 25 lbs for one I try to eat as clean as possible and drink Lots of water and exercise but if I eat something that has a lot of Grease I'll take two of these pills about 30 minutes after eating and pound as much water as I can. People seem to think these are magic pills and you can be carefree with food your so wrong!

  • Pumpkin - Great Growth Supplement!

    I purchased this bottle of Hair,Skin,& Nails Complex because it helps with hair growth, strong nails, great skin, and strong nails. This bottle does all of this and it is great it comes with 60 capsules. And it's made with natural ingredients and not all of that extra stuff added. I suggest that if you're interested in purchasing this particular bottle of supplement you should definitely do so because it is just as the seller described on amazon and plus more. Wonderful product.

  • Stevie P - Just as good as the Honda OEM bars at a third of the price

    I put these bars on a 2016 Honda CR-V. Intalation was a breeze, it took about 15 to 20 minutes from the time I opened the box until the installation was complete...Four Phillips head screws (provided) was all it took. The fit was -perfect- and the quality is just as good as the ($300) dealer installed OEM bars. These bars aren't as good as the ($300 - plus) Yakima Whispbars that I had on my 2009 CRV but for the price, they are more than acceptable. Highly recommended.