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  • paequest - I hate Intuit

    I have 3 employees and have been using QB payroll for years. Not knowing there was an alternative I have bought the update annually--at the rate of $422!!!!! I thought I was safe this year because they had an expired credit card on file -- but NO! Somehow they managed to charge the card even though I had never activated it! Meanwhile I find this version on Amazon, call them to find out if it will do what I need it to (and it better) and have a heated argument with the customer service person, who tells me I will have the incovenience of calling for a key and sometimes the DVD case gets damaged in the mail. So I assume from her non-answer that yes, it will work. Can't live without the program but boy do I hate the company.

  • Victoria Sappington - Excited to continue tracking results

    I received this product for free on the terms that I review it honestly. The shipping was very quick and arrived four days before it said it would. Everything arrived in good condition and the packaging is nice. Reading that the bottle is only 1oz was one thing but seeing the tiny bottle made me a bit nervous at first. However, the cream is a lot like lotion so you do not need a lot of it to get a wide coverage of the scarred area. I have several areas on my body that are affected by stretch marks and additionally I have acne scarring on my face. I used the cream on both of these because it says it can be used for both. Again the consistency is a lot like lotion and it smells almost like mint and tea tree oil mixed. I have currently only used it about a week, once a day. The bottle recommends twice a day but I tend to forget in the morning to put it on. I do not think it has effected my acne scarring much but I also have been breaking out around some of those areas so this could be effecting my results. My stretch marks seam a little less pink but I feel it is a little too early to tell a whole lot yet. I plan to update this review as I see more results. The ingredients definitely contain several products that reduce stretch marks and scarring such as vitamin e and tea tree oil, so I am hopeful that I will continue to see some changes!

  • Winston E. Kole - McAfee 2014 Total Protection Software

    I've been using McAfee Total Protection Software for my home computers (3) for the past several years, and have found the McAfee product to meet all of my internet protection needs. It is easy to load, user-friendly, and runs quietly and efficiently in the background without slowing my computers down significantly. I'm a satisfied customer. However, in years past, I've always purchased the CD version, in case I had to reload for some reason throughout the covered year. This year, I expected to receive another CD, as the picture on the web looked like all of the McAfee boxes of the past. Upon arrival, I found that this product utilized a plastic card - not unlike a credit card - to enable me to load the new product. I was quite skeptical at first, and nearly sent it back. However, sometimes "change is good", so I tried it - it worked flawlessly, and I continue to be a satisfied customer. Thank you, McAfee for your fine product, and thank you, Amazon for providing this product at a reasonable price. Nicely done!

  • T.W. - Great results, just takes some time.

    I have never written a product review before, but wanted to do one for these pills. I noticed after starting grad school that my hair was shedding like crazy and was really dry. I ordered these after doing TONS of research, and they work great. I was taking them for about 3 or 4 months before I noticed a real difference, and now, probably 8 months later, I have tons of hair growth. My hairstylist commented on it last time I was there that I had a lot of growth coming in all over my scalp, and I can really see it now. I would recommend this product, but you do have to stick with it for a few months before seeing results- a friend tried these and gave up after a month or two and didn't see a difference. The longer you stick with it, the better the results seem to be. I also noticed an improvement with the dryness (although, I started using salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, so that could be the reason). Either way, I would recommend this product.

  • Woodsy Girl - Exceeded expectations!

    We liked the first set of 3 cream pillowcases so much, we ordered another set as backup. Very nice quality, plush & thick enough that the dark pillow we placed inside didn't show through, even under the pale covering. Very happy!

  • Holli - so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the ...

    My teen aged daughter loves the way they recorded actual dancers, so the moves are realistic and not choppy like animation. Having the bonus songs from all the other Just Dance games is wonderful, too. The cost to keep it up is minimal and will be worth every penny.