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  • windiciti - Not a Memorable Collection

    Disappointing. I know because I cannot remember even ONE of these stories. Nothing outstanding or provocative here.

  • S. Douglas - wrinkles gone at 70

    I've been babying my skin with different brands (both start with "O") for the last 30 years. I've avoided sun since age 45 after two basal cells removed. I'm 70, not overweight, and exercise (indoors). Eventually I started getting small wrinkles on my cheeks and corners of eyes plus dark circles. Two months ago I started RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and Eye cream at night plus moisturizer and Deep Wrinkle serum during the day with moisturizer. My wrinkles are gone, my face is firm and my dark circles are diminished considerably. My face actually glows. I'm extremely happy with this product line.

  • silky69 - Its One of Those Songs You Want to Hear Again.

    This song has a really good melody and beat. The vocals are great. It is one of Hearts more mellow songs sort of like Dog and Butterfly. It is one of those songs you keep coming back to hear again and again.

  • julie e.v. garrettson - Asked my phone about parts for the keurig, because ...

    Asked my phone about parts for the keurig, because I inherited it and it didn't work, decided to order what I thought it was missing. ..and waalaa. ..2 days later it was in my mail box! Now my coffee maker works perfectly!