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  • Bomber - Worthless

    Absolutely does not work. Quit for 2 weeks, did the directions perfectly, and still failed at home test. Total garbage, don't waste your money.

  • cs211 - A decent vintage

    If I only had room to pack one 2013 volume of short stories for a trip, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Best American Short Stories and the O. Henry Prize Stories anthologies. Although both purport to select the best twenty short stories published within a given year, there is not a single short story that appears in both volumes, thereby demonstrating the inherent subjectivity involved in selecting the best works of art. Additionally, each anthology included a different selection from esteemed short story author Alice Munro, so there was not even concurrence about which was Munro’s best story of the year. But in the end it doesn’t matter which of these two anthologies you select, as they are equally good. If you have room in your luggage, bring both.

  • K. Beal - Sticking with it for a good long while!

    The scent of this product is pleasant, and above all else--it LASTS. One bottle has lasted us three or more months and it's barely half gone. We have a three year old with tons of hair to boot. It doesn't create bubbles in the bathtub with ease, but it foams well and cleans her body and hair without problems. I DO recommend finding a conditioner, however, as hair often gets "dry" and tangled without it.

  • J. Cheek - Great product

    I read all of the reviews before I purchased this product and although most of them sounded negative I decieded to give it a try anyways. For me it did a great job... no horrible burning like one guy wrote... and no irritation. I know this has alot to do with your particular skin.. so I guess you just have to test it out first. The only critism I have is that it doesn't last a whole lot longer than shaving...but it is ALOT quicker.

  • Joe Vallee - Protect thyself.....

    Never leave home without it.... or stay home without it for that matter. With today's ever growing popularity of cell phones, you need to protect them as well as they have become viable targets for the mischief makers....

  • Warren Heeder - Guinness World Records

    Our grandson loved this book of facts. This is a great education for young people and is great for their education