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  • KaseyShopping - Perfect for a Chili Base

    This salsa is the only thing I can blend up and use as a chili base without my husband complaining. He hate onions, celery and carrots. If he sees a small piece of vegetation in any meal, he will stop eating it. The same goes for chips and salsa. He will only eat it if it's pureed.

  • Carl - Great product but having issues with the device staying on ...

    Great product but having issues with the device staying on continuously and draining the batteries. Not sure if its a known issue or not but it stays running all night sometimes.

  • Lauren Will - Didn't work for my sweaty hands at the gym

    Didn't work for me, it feels dry when I put it on but I have horribly sweaty palms and then this stuff turned into a goo. I bought it so I could workout without the dumbells slipping but it sort of made it worse because of the goo effect

  • Stephen A. Herman - Typical McAfee

    I'm sure you have all heard the stories of how McAfee anti-virus software can slow down your computer to a crawl. Well, here's yet another one. Having used McAfee Total Protection in the past, I should have known better than to try it again but the price for the 3 PC version was so good I couldn't stop myself. On my laptop which runs Windows Vista Professional, installation was okay, but I did need customer support for a few minor issues, On my desktop which runs Windows XP Professional, installation was hell. After hours on the phone with their online support person, he decided I needed support from a "senior team member" who would call me the next day after analyzing the problem. He did call, had me uninstall several the same software packages the first person did, plus several other things. Didn't work, still wouldn't install. He left me with a few more things to try and a call-back number for when I was finished. At this point I did a comprehensive search for the "real" problem, found several possible solutions on line of which one worked and let me install. I haven't bothered to install the software on my wife's Windows 8 based computer. After all of this, the McAfee software takes over my PC's whenever it does and update (frequently) or a scan. What junk!

  • you so swayze - Zero info on Calabria

    This book has info on every province in Italy... except Calabria. WTF? Is is that bad there?!? I'm in the US, I want to visit the towns my grandparents were from, get some info on how to get down there, where to stay, etc. Nothing. Why?

  • Catherine from Philly - Misleading.......

    The problem is not the Swiffer...I love them. It's the description on Amazon which states that :Starter kit includes 1 Sweeper, 6 dry sweeping cloths, 4 wet mopping cloths, and 1 Swiffer Duster.

  • Andrew Gallardo - USELESS

    This was one of the best,but I tried to every way to install the disk and was unsuccessful, now I'm stuck without a computer that I CAN'T use.