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  • Ed C. - Induced more shedding and hairloss

    I've been using the Aveda Invati product line (shampoo, conditioner, revitalizer) for over a month and have experienced a noticeable thinning in my front hairline, which is where I've been applying the revitalizer. I've been following the instructions by spraying it directly onto my scalp and massaging it twice a day and letting it dry for at least four hours. I am convinced that it is the cause of my further hairloss since nothing else has changed in my day-to-day (diet, stress, etc.)

  • Ghost Fox Tech - Very sturdy and solid, but not very adjustable.

    This is a really good TV wall mount for larger TVs, particularly for the price. If you go into Best Buy or the like, you're going to pay WAY more for something like this. And this kit comes with a nice HDMI cable as well, so that certainly adds to the value. It seems well made and solid, and has no problem holding up our TV. It's actually not as heavy as I was expecting, but I think that's good because the TV is already heavy enough and I worry about the weight on the anchors.

  • Alex Barrick - Not great, not terrible.

    Item arrived quickly and packaged very nicely. Fit was okay, as all 2-1 exhausts it was a pain to get on and off. Heat shields being chrome with a stainless pipe, the colors were off once the bike had ran with it on. The baffle idea is neat and seems to function well. Overall it just wasn't loud enough for me. It also didn't seem to help with power at all. Pipe has already been replaced with v&h short shots.

  • Natasha919 - Durable and cool!

    This is a really well made truck! I'm impressed because as a first time mom I've learned that a lot of toys are cheaply made. The lights on the truck and tractor are the coolest thing. Definitely recommend!

  • Crystaldeals - great music for all ages...lacks in movements

    Love the vast variety of songs and fun animations. Unfortunately, it does not provide a "learn the steps" section so the routines are fairly difficult to master or even get by on. Very disappointing if u wanted to learn moves. Highly recommended if u like music with cool videos.

  • PH10 - Minimal Improvement during 1st Month

    I've taken this product in the past and thought I noticed improvement within a shorter period of time. I started taking it again - religiously - one month ago and notice little to no improvement. My nails seem to be a little longer/stronger, but I bought it for my hair. I will continue to take it consistently until all 3 bottles are gone. I may upgrade my review at that time.