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  • S Cynthia Cross - This is OUTSTANDING. It has cleared and brightened my skin.

    I use this for my moisturizer under my makeup, and sometimes at night, and down onto my neck and décolleté. It cleared 85% of the age and sunspots off my hands and lower arms with months of consistent use, and cleared up a lot of the spots and unevenness off of my face. I now can go out on the weekends without full makeup and just use this for my day crème with eye pencil and lip color for a natural but still glowing look. I haven't gone outside without makeup for years before this as my complexion was just too uneven before. Read about Vit C and how it can rebuild collagen production naturally under the skin- this is awesome, I highly recommend it. Been using for 1.5 years.

  • Psyched - It Worked!!!

    We purchased the Princeton Review with DVD and Workbook during the school year and the school had some workshops. Our son took the ACT twice during the year and received scores of 19 and 21. He received a scholarship, but a score of 22 and above would make a significant difference in the amount of the scholarship. We signed him up for one more exam and the ACT for Dummies book was recommended. I purchased that but neither that or the first aid were motivating to him. In finding out the version of the Dummies book I had gotten did not have the DVD, I searched for the full version on Amazon. That brought me to this book, Up Your Score: ACT, 2014-2015 Ed: The Underground Guide. The title got my attention and I read through the reviews.

  • VanessaMomOf3 - nasty stuff. 0 stars!!

    Tastes disgusting. If you feel like gagging through it go for it. Also 30 day return means you pay for all shipping so $30 to you and $50-60 back to them. I paid $400 and then paid $50 to ship it back to them and I'll have to wait 30 days from when they process it to get only $370 back so I lose $80. It does not taste like milkshakes. It tastes awful especially the chocolate. Even the chocolate Isa delights are nasty. If you like eating crap forever go for it. I'm going to just eat healthier and start walking. No amount of weight is worth this. Sad I was mislead and a losing $80 but lesson learned. 0 stars

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  • dd1234 - Two months after purchase, and with only little to ...

    Two months after purchase, and with only little to moderate use, the diffuser is not working. It turns itself off every couple of minutes, as if it is shorting out. Amazon says that I can no longer return the defective diffuser, and I see no way of contacting the seller.