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The Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry - Welcome to the website of CEP, the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry. CEP exists to communicate the evidence of the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs and treatments in the UK to the people and institutions that can make a difference.

  • http://cepuk.org/unrecognised-facts/ Unrecognised Facts - - Here we highlight various Unrecognised Facts about modern psychiatry which every patient, practitioner and policymaker ought to be aware of.
  • http://cepuk.org/recovery-stories/ Recovery Videos - - CEP has produced a number of short films about recovery from psychiatric treatments and diagnosis.
  • http://cepuk.org/withdrawal-advisers/ Withdrawal Advisers - - Various UK withdrawal advisers answer questions concerning withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.
  • http://cepuk.org/support/ Support - - We list various resources available to help support and educate you (and if necessary your doctor) about the process of coming off psychiatric drugs.
  • http://cepuk.org/members/ Members - - CEP's members include psychiatrists, academics, withdrawal support charities and others concerned about the harm caused by psychiatry.

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