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  • Deborah - B+ so far but new characters not enough

    Lots of changes but so far no big losses (Yang, Shephard) from previous 2 seasons (a welcome change). Interesting so far - looking forward to seeing 2nd half of the season. And we even had a few unresolved issues in the 1st half to follow up on. Still good but not like the first 6-7 seasons. 17 characters have died so far - too many! C'mon Shonda, give us a break. By the way I miss Christina most of all. Maybe she could do a few guest spots? After all, despite Alex being there Christina is still Meredith's "person ". Still wondering why Meredith hasn't gone to Switzerland for a visit? I know Sandra Oh wanted to leave but just a few guest appearances? She is critical to the show - in my opinion. Hope it it interesting enough to go a few more seasons.

  • markvii - I've bought 8 copies for family and friends

    The People's Chemist has always been an excellent source for health information and products. No drug company bias here. Just intelligent recommendations from a reputable chemist (author Shane Ellison worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company, but became disenfranchised by their preoccupation with profit over concern for healing people). "Over-The-Counter Natural Cures" is full of helpful and actionable information (like "the $8.00 cure for deadly blood clots and poor cardiovascular function")(Hawthorne!). After reading each chapter, taking notes, buying the recommended products (not from The Peoples Chemist- each recommendation lists the manufactures name and information so you buy it locally on your own!) I bought more copies for each of my brothers and sisters! Later I heard my niece comment (after reading my sister's copy) that she wished she had received one too. I knew what to get my nieces and nephews for Christmas that year!

  • Ryan - This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is ...

    I've been using this on my natural hair(3c/4a) for a while since I've transitioned. This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is breaking too much. I use once a month, and do love what it does to my hair. The only problem is that application is messy, but it's worth it. My wash day is Fridays, so when I do a protein treatment I usually So a pre-poo of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and lavender or rosemary oil for 30 minutes. After I wash I apply the protein treatment , and I take a hair dryer to my hair to help speed up the drying process a bit. Once I feel that my hair has dried up to the point it's not dripping, I just let my hair air dry over night. The next day I wash it out and deep condition like normal. I love this product, it really strengthens my hair

  • Shela Seaton - They look great and if installed correctly

    Fit perfectly on my 2015 Grand Cherokee. I attach a ski rack to the bars during the winter. I haven't removed these bars since the day I put them on almost a year ago. They look great and if installed correctly, do not cause wind noise.

  • bananahannah1 - Great Product

    Internet connection is faster than ever. Linksys provided me with a free sample of this product in exchange for honest feedback, and I am thrilled. I previously had an Arris Surfboard SB6141 and this modem has dramatically improved my connection. Very easy setup.

  • Warhawk - Great Product, Poor seller

    Great Product, just don't buy it off this company. Waited 4 weeks for shipping for an item on the shelf of every GNC in the country. I took this for 4 months while in Iraq, also took NO Explode rather then vapor as a pre-workout, tasted better and felt better for me. The combination was great, was able to drop 3% body fat, increased cardio up to 4x 8mi runs a week, and had huge gains on my lifts in the gym. It has all the active ingrediants that any other post-work out mix is going to have in it. I have used muscle tech products for close to 14 years. I have never experienced bad side effects and have always seen increases during cycle when used correctly. Some products will work better or worse with certain individuals chemistry (and IQ level).

  • Sutter11 - A DVD Befitting a Champion

    This well made DVD is a must-hvae, not only for the millions of Cardinals fans, but for baseball fans in general. This film which is narrated by St. Louisan Jon Hamm is the best MLB produced film to date and Blu-Ray only adds to it.