°HOTEL CASTELLO D'URSO SOMMA B&B CATANIA 3* (Italy) | BOOKED - Castello D'Urso Somma B&B - Castello D'Urso Somma B&B is a good accommodation choice in Catania. The property lies within a 20-minute drive from Porta Garibaldi - Ferdinandea, Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi all'Immacolata and Duomo di Catania.

  • °HOTEL CASTELLO D'URSO SOMMA B&B CATANIA 3* (Italy) | BOOKED - Castello D'Urso Somma B&B - The 3-star Castello D'Urso Somma B&B is set just 5.9 km from Porta Garibaldi - Ferdinandea, Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi all'Immacolata and Duomo di Catania.

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    City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Shamus Mulligan - Not so easy install

    I have to say that as far as the aesthetics of these pedal covers go, they look really good once installed and, in that regard, are a good addition to my new ride...2012 G.C. Limited thank you very much. However, the install leaves a lot to be desired - particularly when it comes to the brake pedal. The gas pedal wasn't bad (not great either) and took a fair amount of brute force to snap it into place and I managed to break one of the small plastic retaining clips in the process but it is still secure and holding tight so not too worried about potential problems down the road. The brake pedal directions indicate using soapy water and a screwdriver to pry the pedal rubber over the metal brake assembly in two easy steps, let's just say you're going to need some magic pixie powder to make that happen. I ended up using a paint can opener and slid it between the brake pedal arm assembly and the pedal cover to pry the pedal cover rubber up and over the the mounting plate. This was after messing with it for 45 minutes before finally having success because if it took any longer I was ready to throw the thing across my street and be done with it.

  • Diana Vandevander - Hair feels healthy, smooth and thicker

    I ordered the pura d'or hair loss prevention therapy intense moisturizing masque because I lose a lot of hair. Everytime I brush my hair, run my fingers through my hair, or I sleep I lose handfuls of hair. Also my hair doesn't feel soft any more and it always has tangles in it. I have used this masque twice now. It came in a large box. At first I thought it was a large bottle but when you open it you realize it is actually 8 smaller boxes inside the large box. When you open up the smaller boxes you will find a pouch with the masque in it and a shower cap in it. The directions are on the side of the box. It says to wash with the pura d'or hair loss prevention shampoo. Then apply the hair loss prevention masque to damp hair and then place the shower cap on your head for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes you wash it out. I do not have the shampoo but even after just two treatments I can tell a difference in my hair. I don't love the smell but it is well worth it. My hair feels smooth, but not greasy, and I can run my fingers through my hair without having chunks of hair come out in my hands. My hair looks and feels healthier. I will definitely be purchasing this again. And I am strongly considering purchasing the shampoo as well.

  • Joyce in NM - Waste of time and money for me

    I have been doing our taxes with Turbo Tax for over 20 years. I have taken a few tax prep classes and so I do know my way around. After hearing some bad stuff about Turbo Tax and a good review of Tax Act from a friend, I decided to give it a try. I didn't download here but at their website. It gave me several problems. It would not transfer over my last years PDF file of my filed taxes. After almost 4 hours of struggling ( I kept on trying because I thought it was just me getting used to new software) I got to where I needed it to maximize my SEP IRA contribution like Turbotax always does for me. I got a screen that instructed me to manually figure it myself. If I wanted to do that I would have just downloaded forms and filled them in manually!! I was livid and so after wasting my time and a bit of money I deleted it all and bought TurboTax again. In just a couple of hours I am done. I do not recommend this software.