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  • Eliza - Not worth the money

    I saw this product for sale at my local salon for $100. I was glad I didn't pay that much but wish I hadn't wasted the $60 on Amazon either. It comes off easy in the shower with a washcloth or face wash but after using it for several several weeks, I haven't seen the point of it. It hasn't changed my skin at all.

  • Jean Martin - This is great for moisturizing delicate baby skin

    I usually use Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo, which I give 5 stars. This is great for moisturizing delicate baby skin, but not great for hair, which it leaves a little oily/heavy. very thick and moisturizing, no real scent, non-irritating. good product for baby!

  • Nork - Tried Neat, Epson and Staying with Fujitsu

    Several years ago I bought the Neat Desktop Scanner because of it's slick advertising. Liked the idea I could scan my receipts directly in NeatDesk software and then load the data into Quicken. Well, I worked with the NeatDesk for about two years, unsuccessfully I might add. Boxed it away expecting one day the company would come up with software AND hardware fixes. Then I would move it to my daughter's work. Never happened. Still sitting boxed and collecting dust. Then I went the Epson route. Much better results. Maybe a factor of 15 times better. Great scanner, but by now my own business needs demanded not only a scanner that worked, that the NeatDesk never delivered on, but more efficient than the Epson. Finally bit the bullet and bought the Fujitsu scanner AND their additional software. Never looked back. Fujitsu beats the Epson by a factor of two to three times and the Epson is a very good scanner. Beats the NeatDesk by miles and miles. Here is a case where spending double the money will get your 100 times the benefits: Go for it ... the Fujitsu line of scanners I mean.

  • Sean S. - This is the best 55" 4K TV for the price.

    As an Apple guy, I never thought I'd say I like anything from Samsung but I LOVE this TV!! I'm glad I went with a 4K television. The picture is sharp and the blacks are deep and rich. I splurged and went with the 55" option. I paid $900 from one of the big box stores and that's honestly the best price for a 55" 4K TV that's actually a quality television. I also didn't think I'd need a smartTV option since I have an Apple TV but I haven't turned my Apple TV on in weeks. The built in Netflix and HBO Now is simple and easy to use and they stream great! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the smart remote. At first, I didn't think it would be a very effective remote but it's more than I ever thought it would be. I controls the TV, my cable box, the Blu Ray player, and my Apple TV (if I need to use it). The smart remote eliminates the need for four different remotes and it works great!

  • Perry Preston - I love that they include very thorough answers after the test ...

    I have received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest review of my experience with and the quality of the item.

  • beaverstateguy - Excellent Quality Garden Hose

    My wife and I were getting fed up with our hose kinking everytime we used it and it was also difficult to roll up due to it wanting to keep it's original rolled up shape. I had seen the Flexogen 50 foot hose at a local nursery, but the price was $57.00!!! No way, Jose! I checked on good old Amazon and there it was for about half that price with free shipping. usually has what we are looking for at a great price and it seems most of the time, what we purchase, has free shipping. Anyway, this hose is of excellent quality without being heavy, has good end fittings, is supple to handle and rolls up easily without kinking at all. Maybe if I were to order this hose again I would select the 75 foot length. Overall, a VERY nice hose of fine quality. AMAZON prices are TOPS!!

  • K. Roberts - Great Resource

    This was a great resource in planning the details of my trip in October. There is a lot of helpful information on where to order tickets for tourist attractions including website to pre-order. Also included was the location of restrooms at popular tourist attractions, which in Europe can be hard to find.