Hormone Replacement Therapy, Neurofeedback & Sexual Health Clinic - BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Neurofeedback and Sexual Health Clinic. Visit us in Charlotte & Huntersville to optimize your life today.

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: #1 in the Carolinas - Carolina HealthSpan was the first hormone replacement therapy focused clinic established in the Carolinas. Their physicians have treated over 10,000 patients
  • Menopause: Safe & Natural Relief From Symptoms Today! - Carolina HealthSpan's physicians have the most experience in the Carolina's treating Menopause related symptoms and other hormone deficiencies for women.
  • Low-T? Increase Your Libido, Strength & Well Being - Low-Testosterone is just one measure that can lead to hormone deficiency or age-related symptoms. We take an individual approach to optimizing your health!
  • O-Shot® & P-Shot® Experts - Carolina HealthSpan - The O-Shot® & P-Shot® are PRP treatments using the most advanced technology for sexual dysfunction, ED, urinary incontinence and increased sexual response.
  • Neurofeedback - Brain Mapping - Brain Function Enhancement - Neurofeedback is a safe, effective, side-effect free & long-lasting treatment for ADHD, Concussion, PTSD, Addiction, Depression, Memory Loss and more.
  • ADD/ADHD Help - Get Off Medication - Carolina HealthSpan - Studies show Neurofeedback is far more effective than stimulant medication to increase focus, motivation and mood. No side-effects, long term treatment.
  • Addiction: Stay Clean Long-Term With Neurofeedback - Studies have shown that Neurofeedback more than doubles the long-term sobriety rates of individuals attempting to get and stay clean from multiple substances.
  • TBI / Concussion Management - Carolina HealthSpan - Neurofeedback has proven through research to be a very successful, long-term treatment for symptoms from TBI or multiple Concussions.
  • Find Relief from Migraine - Carolina HealthSpan - Long-term Migraine and vascular headache relief with Neurofeedback. No side-effects, no prescription medication.
  • Peak Brain Performance - Neurofeedback: Carolina HealthSpan - Increase your mental capacity and cognitive abilities including enhanced focus, improved memory, comprehension and stamina with Peak Performance Neurofeedback.
  • PTSD Relief - Neurofeedback: Carolina HealthSpan - Relief from symptoms of PTSD using research proven techniques to rebalance and enhance brain function with Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and CBT.
  • Multiple Conditions Supported by Neurofeedback - Neurofeedback is proven to work to help decrease symptoms from Anxiety, Cognitive Decline, Insomnia, Depression, OCD, Seizure and more.
  • Biofeedback for Stress Management & Physiology Control - Learn how to control your body's physiology & manage your stress with Biofeedback. Our coaches have background in Biofeedback, meditation, mindfulness & yoga.
  • Blood Analysis - Health Check Up - Disease Prevention - Understand critical health markers & advanced metabolic measures to stay on top of risk factors for future disease. LabCorp, Genova, Spectracell, Cyrex & more.
  • Mental Health and Medical Staffing - VA & GSA Contracting - Service based VA & GSA contracting programs for improvement in Mental Health, PTSD and TBI treatment. Veteran Owned Small Business.
  • Executive Physical - The Most Comprehensive Available - Comprehensive Organ System Management & Optimization - Advanced measurement of all body functions including the brain. Individual health & optimization plans.
  • Former NFL Player TBI Treatment: Carolina HealthSpan - Treatment for the long-term effects of repeated concussions and head injuries. Multi-site study underway for Brain function improvement.
  • 45min+ Consultations with an Expert Doctor - While the average time spent with a Dr. has dropped to 8 min in conventional medicine, we strive to create the best experience possible for our patients!
  • Revision® Skin Care Approved Reseller: Carolina HealthSpan - The highest quality skincare products, only sold through physician offices, work wonders where other expensive brands fail.
  • Charlotte & Lake Norman Private Medicine: Carolina HealthSpan - Now with two convenient locations, it's never been easier to optimize your health with Carolina HealthSpan Institute. Visit us in Charlotte or Lake Norman.
  • Charlotte Functional Medicine - Carolina HealthSpan - For 11 years Carolina HealthSpan has been the Carolinas' place to go for individualized treatment & optimization of hormone deficiencies, brain and sexual health.
  • Lake Norman Functional Medicine - Carolina HealthSpan - Carolina HealthSpan is recognized as the Carolinas' place to go for individualized treatment & optimization of hormone deficiencies. New location in Lake Norman!
  • Professional & Consumer Education about Preventive Medicine - Professional education, medical training and weekly articles / videos from leaders in the preventive and functional medicine industry.
  • FAQ's - Hormones, Brain & Sexual Health: Carolina HealthSpan - FAQ's about our services, methods of treatment, research, benefits & risks, cost and more. Find simple answers from Carolina HealthSpan to common questions here
  • Carolina HealthSpan - Contact Us - Would you like to find out if you are a candidate for our services? Need directions or have a question about your treatment? Contact Carolina HealthSpan here.

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