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  • Brister - Good but stiff

    Awesome investment but it still didn't work. It hit off the garage and there is no give in this antenna it's very stiff. I had to go back to the old one

  • Beesch - Price is crazy!

    Other than the very nice fragrance, I do not see this being anywhere close to be being worth the price. I was hoping it would be because of other reviews, but should have known better.

  • David J. Caolo - Fully weaponized Gummy Bears

    I bought a bag because I'm trying to cut down on sugar. It seems Haribo has replaced the sucrose in a typical batch of Gummy Bears with colon-shredding rage. Just a couple of handfuls left me crying for my mommy on the bathroom floor (I am 43 years old).

  • redwolves2012 - Wonderful product!

    This software was fantastic and really easy to use! My husband and I were able to quickly create all of our needed legal documents including a Living Will (healthcare derivative), appoint a power of attorney over finances, our final will and final arrangements. I like that it came with a built-in document where we could provide information to our survivors. This software made an uncomfortable process so much easier and doable than we anticipated.

  • Cnspots - Not horrible

    I was given this product to try for five days. I gave it back on the fourth day. It dried the heck out of my skin. In the morning, my skin did feel terrific but it was a few hours of discomfort in the evening and yes, I followed the instructions and applied to damp skin.