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  • How to Eat Out Without Messing up Your Candida Diet - We all eat out. It is a social event perhaps much more than feeding our bodies. Eating out while on candida diet has become a challenge to many people...

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  • LILass - Most powerful, light and versatile upright I've ever owned- LOVE IT!

    I bought this in 2010 and it really is what I've been looking for in an upright for years! I come from a Hoover Windtunnel that weighs ~ 23lbs and was killing me. I have carpeted stairs, so wanted a lift-off type upright but the Hoover model is too heavy. Then I saw the Shark infomercial. They always have such clever designs but their cordless vac reviews are so bad, I had to check reviews online before I bought this. They clearly are much better at making plug-in vacs over cordless re-chargeables because this one is a keeper! It makes vacuuming kinda fun :)

  • Alex Santangelo - and even then I feel like some schools were not included

    This really had allot of information about the schools that it contained, but was very limited in terms of organization. It is organized by state, but at the graduate level my main concern (personally) is the programs/specialties offered. It was the only option as far as I can see, but it was a hassle to get through, and even then I feel like some schools were not included, so for all that effort I still was not completely sure.

  • Amazon Customer - Gave me the newer model

    This model being sold is a great kit. Mine got stolen & I had to buy a replacement. To my surprise, they sent me the newer model. The hammer drill has the 3 light settings & the impact driver has the 3 power settings. I also got the newer, slimmer charger. Lucky me.