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  • Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr. - Summer time is "Speedo" season.

    I had a previous one of these for over ten years and it is still not worn out, but I like the newer version with the light. I use it in the "Speedo" season so that I do not look offensive with unsightly hair at the pools and beaches. This unit works great, and can even trim nose hair and ear hair with no trouble. It cleans out very easily and the batteries seem to last a long time. This is a very good item for the price paid.

  • Suresh - 2015 ver is not good.

    using kaspersky for almost 7 years in my laptops and PC. Having some issue with 2015 ver... it takes at least 2 mins for update\rootkit scan from boot up in Win 7 before I can click on any icons in desktop. Never had any problem with 2014 ver. Similar it doesn't work well with firefox browser (which is my fav browser) and stopped using it because of this. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue...

  • shaun menestrina - Surfers BEWARE

    I was very proud of this safe and I thought I loved it, UNTIL yesterday. The safe was easily compromised as a thief hammer wedged something right into it, obtaining my keys and unlocking my glove box where my wallet was. He then proceeded to go on a $600 shopping spree while I was enjoying my surf. Thank goodness he did not steal my truck.

  • Regina Campbell - This product is Incredible!

    This stuff is amazing! If you are looking for something to get up stubborn stains this is it! I had some stains in the carpet made by our dog. She had chewed up an eyeliner pencil and got it all over. Needless to say ground in black eyeliner pencil in the carpet stands out. Especially on a beige carpet. I purchased this product based on the look of the bottle, it simply says "Kids and Pets", I had no other recommendation. I sprayed it on the stains, waited 10 mins as directed and used a cloth with very little elbow grease and the stain lifted immediately! I was immediately impressed. I had to leave a review because I have never used a product with so little advertising to work so quickly. After today's experience I have to say I will be a loyal user. I hope this helps convince you to use this product as well!