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  • R. Foote - What's up with these positive review?

    Sorry, but the pollyanna one sentence glowing reviews are in sharp contrast to the detailed negative reviews, and the more detailed positive reviews. They have the feeling of being written in a sweatshop overseas. The spelling is better but the syntax...hmmm.

  • Mr.Chris - Game is 9/10 the cable it comes with is 5/10 overall fun 10/10 BUT YOU NEED A REAL GUITAR

    The game is a great game but seriously beware of the cable. I bought this for the ps3 thinking that it was a really good buy and then the cable malfunctioned, if this happens it makes the game worthless. DONT let that deter your purchase, just keep your receipt and if your playing this game and all the sudden it stops working return the cable. amazon and Ubi soft is really good in dealing with faulty equipment, or at least with me. This game is guitar hero for people who wanna have fun, learn guitar and be awesome. I bought this game and a guitar and with no experience I have learned how to play very basic stuff quickly, and im uncoordinated and not very bright. Fun and appropriate for all ages