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  • Amazon Customer - I would have loved to give this 5 stars

    I would have loved to give this 5 stars.... But I just can't in good conscience, because it is sweetened with sucralose/Splenda. That is my ONLY complaint about this product. I should have read the ingredient list more thoroughly,.

  • Hammy - Fun balloons, but quality control is lacking and without instructions

    The Good: In order to turn them on and off, you have to press on the nub at the tip of the balloon which will also change the settings. These balloons have several different lighting options which are fun to play with. You can blow them up with helium, or by mouth. I just scattered them on a dancefloor among non-lighted balloons for a neat effect.

  • DC Vipers - Great

    Great scent and works very well for sensitive skin. I've use the shave cream, pre-shave oil, and the aftershave balm everyday for 6 years and have never looked back! Great stuff.

  • Book Reader - Back2Life Review

    I tried one of these once and ordered my own immediately. It seems to work like the spinal decompression machines that chiropractors advertise and really relaxes your back, immediately. The people who's machine I used were raving about it and said it really helped their back pain. There are lots of videos on the YouTube that explain how it works, which someone might want to watch before ordering. (UPDATE): November 17, 2009 - Received my own back machine and am using it after doing 'Bootcamp' at the gym and having my back so tight and beat up that I thought I might have to stop seems to relax the back to where you aren't tensing the muscles and you can stretch it out. If you go to Chiropractors I think this is what they call a 'release', where the tension goes away enough to where you can stretch your back and get it loosened up. Anyway, I've had really good luck with it. No matter what sort of back problems you have it seems like having something to relax your back would be helpful. The videos (on Youtube) indicate that its more for long term relief, but so far the short term relief seems good. UPDATE: July 24, 2010: Found what this is best for...I noticed that every time I'd use it (sometimes twice in a row) that I would sleep really well...I hadn't realized how a stiff neck keeps you awake. So now I use it regularly just to sleep more relaxed. After using this and being more able to do 'core exercises' in bootcamp, I'd reclassify myself as someone who doesn't have back problems, or at least 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. The 'Sarge' at Bootcamp has been convinced by some back surgeon that what he needs is to have his spine fused...I gave him the brochure for this and hoping he'll try it instead or at least get some chiropractic, I'm going with this!

  • old programmer - Inadequate support and excessive popups

    This came pre-installed on my system that I use for software development and test. I do not allow automatic updates of any program for various reasons and only perform manual updates. After disabling automatic updates for McAfee I would start seeing popups telling me that I was out of date and an update had not been done recently. This appears to occur on roughly five day intervals. After going through McAfee's very poor support, who kept on wanting to access my machine after repeating several times "No", I gave up and decided to remove McAfee and move to another company's product. Much like Norton, McAfee appears to have lost sight of the user that desires flexibility over a one size fits all solution (not that I think manual updates is all that rare of a desire).

  • Gary K. Hart - A Fine First Draft of History

    Writing an interesting 2012 presidential election book on the heels of all the hyper campaign coverage is a challenging assignment but Dan Balz pulls it off quite nicely. The great value of "Collision 2012" is its access to the key campaign staff of both the Obama and Romney teams during the heat of the battle. As a result, there is a fine analysis of the strategy and tactics used by both sides. In a time of great political polarization it is a great testament that leaders of both campaigns spent substantial amounts of time during the actual campaign with Balz sharing candid assessments of what they were thinking---if Balz did not have a reputation for accuracy, fairness and pre-election confidentiality, he would not have had such impressive access. After reading his book, his reputation for even-handedness is well deserved.