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  • Thomas Walters - At least try this stuff!

    Didn't buy this off here bought it at my local Wal-Mart. I had a crossover pipe leak in Subaru which is underneath the Intake manifold, which means the whole top end of the motor has to come off. Its a pretty common leak in older Subaru's like mine, I know people say it may clog your heater core. I have a 4 cylinder motor, on the back of the bottle it says to use half the bottle for 4 cylinders. I added a bit more than half the bottle, this stuff looks a lot different than most products that claim to stop leaks. Its like aluminum flakes in this gel, once you shake it well it mixes together quite well. I was losing a good amount of coolant, after a day of topping off my reservoir it would almost be half empty. So I decided instead of ripping off the top of my motor why not use this, I picked this because it didn't look like it would gunk up. There were other ones there, that looked like they would gunk up. I had to drain my rad a bit so it wouldn't overflow, I drained this and dumped a little more than half the bottle in. I Let it run for 15 minutes then took it for a 5 minute drive, the leak stopped automatically from the crossover pipe. Follow the directions to a "T" I'm not the only person writing a review on here that says this stuff has worked for them. Don't go crazy with it and start dumping bottles in and hoping it will seal up your leak, to much will probably start clogging things. Its not going to work for everyone, so don't take this review as its a 100% leak stopper. Its been almost 2 weeks no clogs anywhere, no overheating, and NO LEAKS! Couldn't be happier!

  • Gambo - Very educational but be careful around young children.

    My 5 year old was sent home from kindergarten aft playing with this toy for about a week. Suffice it to say that "inappropriate" and "invades personal space" came up a few times over the phone.

  • SmurfsRiot - Best gaming console to date

    The Xbox One is the best gaming console to date. Not only do you have great games and stellar graphics, it is an entire entertainment console.

  • berrygang - cakey

    So i started using this product about three to three and a half weeks ago and i can honesty say i see an improvement. When i walk now my ass jiggles nicely and ive now been more prone to wear thongs nonchalantly around my bfs apartment lol. He doesnt see to mind. Ive always been blessed with dd cup breast no matter how much my weight changed butmy bottom has been a struggle. About a week ago my bf called me thickems which made me smile because four weeks ago he was calling me no cake shawty lol his evil ass. Im definitely am going to update again in two months to definitely give this one 5 stars. Shipping was fast and the products smells very good. I apply after i shower and massage til it absorbed.

  • Dennis Wahl - If you have Notion or Sibelius take advantage of cheaper prices for Finale 2014

    Fine product I just wish I had realized that I could have gotten it much cheaper by proving that I was upgrading from Notion 4 music writing software.

  • apple.may - Didn't receive item.

    I have not received my book and today was supposed to be the last day to receive the item. I am very mad and confused.