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  • Nicole H - Other than that there is a good amount of space to write in and each week ...

    I wish the cover was more subtle. Obviously I saw the cover in the picture but I feel as the cover belongs more on the packaging. Other than that there is a good amount of space to write in and each week has a different picture.

  • Debbie B. - I order the black seed oil pill form for my ...

    I order the black seed oil pill form for my dad. He was going through lung cancer treatments, the doctors were not very hopeful.This all started in March 2014 with a 10 cm tumor,by November 2014 the tumor was completely gone. My dad is now 80 years young and continues to take the black seed oil pills daily. He has also been taken off his blood pressure and cholesterol medicines.

  • ricslik71 - Caboki works pretty well

    This is my first hair product like this. After seeing videos and reviews I had to try it. I have the top of my head thinning. You can see scalp, but I do have decent coverage. First impressions after initial use was it was easy to apply, it just takes practice to get the best looking coverage. Sometimes it would look unnatural if you don't do even application or if it is heavily applied. This product comes off if any liquid gets on your head. I would imagine if you sweat enough for beads to drop, then the fibers will come off too. Stuff immediately washes out as soon as you step under the shower head. Now, the fibers are very fine and definitely stick to things. They will stay in if the wind is blowing or if you run your fingers through your hair. Although, if you are playing with your hair, then you do shift the density of the fibers around and it does get all over your hands. The fibers are not glue and you do have to show some care to them; best to just leave them be for the day. I would say that the big bottle will last me a month because I apply it to the entire top portion of my head and I use a moderate amount each time. I would only use it if you aren't doing anything active. Judging by when my head and hair touch my pillow, I think much of the fibers will be left on it by morning; I'm not a still sleeper. If you buy this, just don't get false hope about it's strength because I thought it was going to be a little more resilient than it is. I am still pleased, though. After all, it's a few taps and it looks like a nice head of hair and my co-workers couldn't tell. You would have to be very close to see the individual fibers or to touch your hair and see them on your hand. As far as the psychological effect, it does make me more confident. Though, I do worry that if I went on a date and then she found out my hair didn't really look like this, it may not end favorably. I know women like to touch hair and run their fingers through it, so hopefully she knows by then. But women wear mascara and tons of other make-ups, so I think a product like this is no different. I haven't applied hair product after I put Caboki in, so I can't vouch for what that may do to hold and all. Price seems fair too. I would have did 5 stars if the price was cheaper ( I paid $30) or if the fibers were more resilient and met my expectation.

  • Amazon Customer - I always buy weathertech floor mats

    These mats are the best. Excellent grip well made, easy to install. If you have a truck and use it like a truck...regardless of how luxurious it is on the inside, you need these to keep the floors clean. I have these on all my vehicles. Nothing is easier. Take out, hose off, dry, and replace. looks like new

  • Jaime - FANTASTIC

    Fantastic .. it covers the window of my new Honda Civic EX 2014....this product is a blessing for my car...Jaime

  • DramaAmy - Excellent stroller

    This stroller is an excellent purchase. I have had it about 8 months now and find that it is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, and durable. We use it mostly for suburbs - walking in our neighborhood, to the mall, errands, etc. My daughter is now 20 months old and weighs about 25 pounds. She likes to climb on it sometimes, which we occasionally let her do if we're watching her. She has not once tipped it over when climbing in or sitting in it. However, it's important to note we do make sure that if she's in it and it's not moving, the wheels are always locked - including the front wheel. Another thing, I wanted enough storage space to put her diaper bag in fully loaded. I turn the bag on its side and it fits into the understorage very well. This was hard to find in a lightweight stroller. Other lightweight strollers (Maclaren) don't have enough space underneath. Whereas the larger strollers on the market that have enough storage were too darn heavy to be lifting in and out of the trunk when running errands. The Vela is a nice compromise. We also like the canopy. The harness is really only a waist cinch, but it works just fine for a toddler. Most toddlers want to be sitting up looking around anyway. Maneuverability is good - if you find it isn't, check to make sure all wheels are unlocked - including the front wheel. If you go over rough pavement, gravel or dirt, locking the front wheel sometimes helps to make it stronger and sturdier. But if you are in a mall and need to swivel, unlock the front wheel for more versatility. Love this stroller and would recommend.