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  • G. Bush - Fooled again by Intuit

    Intuit continues to put out low quality software and I continue to buy it each year like a chump since 1989. This is more. The budget function doesn't work. It is a known bug and has been on the message board for two weeks and it still isn't fixed.

  • Larry - It's great! Sad it's the last.

    I get this every year. I look forward to it as soon as I finish the current year's. I'm sad this is the last one.


    Sadly, for me, film seemed bent on point of who Heracules was? Son of Zeus? or mortal? For me, I have known the myth all of my life, know that Herculues is son of Zeus and thus enemy of Hera. To have him come to the aid of a place that is devoted to Hera and expect it to work out was more unbelievable than whether he was a demigod. In Medieval Christendom, Heraules is a forerunner of Christ.