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  • A. Mun - ... wish this came in a bigger bottle because i love this lotion

    I wish this came in a bigger bottle because i love this lotion. Its not greasy or sticky like A&D or Aquaphor. As someone who is a avid collector, this is by far a superior product for after ink care.

  • Amazon Customer - install kit

    Used with my 9.3 in single din DVD/CD touch screen in a expedition (2000) was perfect. I had previously had a double din cd player in there an they had to cut to make the hole wider but the kit still fit

  • angelinamax - Invisible when applied

    I have tested many brands of tempered glass screen protector, and most are very similar in application and in final appearance after full installation. Most also come with a screen wipe and a few other little items to make application even easier. This kit comes with all that you need. You simply clean off your screen with an alcohol wipe, let dry (dont touch!) and then use the dust remover to be sure there are not tiny dust particles you can't see easily. A speck of dust WILL be noticeable if you forget this step. Next you peel the backing off the glass cover itself and line it up on your phone, press down. It is very simple and the best part is that the bubbles work themselves out. Previously, I was resigned to chasing bubbles out of the plastic screen covers. Not since I've found these.

  • Mrs. Ed - Great solution!

    Great product and future remote temp and water sensors will make it even better. Perfect solution for my situation.

  • Chalisa M - The tea was not as great as everyone boasted

    The tea was not as great as everyone boasted. It tasted like water with a hint of tea flavor. I even measured out exactly the oz that is recommended and it was not great. I did not feel any jolts in energy, nor did I see any worthwhile results. The only thing I did get was a quick trip to that bathroom.

  • Kasey - I don't usually review things because I'm lazy, buuuuut....

    I have two cats. One big fat, lazy male who has not a care in the world and one small and extremely skittish female. I got her when she was 9 weeks old, but she must have been feral because she was so fearful from the get-go. I thought she would relax once she got used to things, but that didn't happen. She lived under my bed for 2 years - truly. She came out when there were minimal people in the house, but you could not catch her to pet her or anything. If she snuck out of my room while we were awake and we looked at her, she would run back under the bed.