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  • Amazon Customer - this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the ...

    We've had this for over 2.5 years and it's always a big hit with those who haven't sat in it before. It's used in an ocean lagoon close to the equator. We wanted one where you can actually sit in the water to be cooler than sitting directly on hot vinyl; this works great. The trampoline-type bottom is very tuff and the sides are very heavy vinyl. The capacity is 8 but we've had 11+ in it quite easily. You do want to invest $40 or so for a quality electric inflator but it's worth it in time savings to inflate and to deflate all the air so you can re-pack it to a reasonable size. It can be damaged through negligence but even inexpensive repair kits have worked to fix damaged areas and haven't failed to-date. It's heavy but was shippable by USPS when we got ours. Some form of ladder would make getting in a little less awkward but you can work around that and it's usually good for a laugh watching newbies get in the first time.

  • J. Hinkle - Great idea, good camera when it connects, but it doesn't launch treats.

    I have connection issues with this all the time. To add to that, It doesn't launch treats at all. The dual stage treat launcher mechanism fills the treat chute with too many treats and then jams it up. It launches treats correctly maybe 5% of the time. There are lots of pet cameras out there that don't launch treats, this was supposed to be the big innovation, but it falls flat on its face. I've tried several different types of treats, even move of the same treats it came with, and it just doesn't work with any consistency.

  • william kohner - Piece of Junk and poor service

    bought this a few months ago liked the way it worked until for no reason it began to leak. went on the libman web site and sent them a message asking about warranty coverage got no response. would not by another libman product.

  • Jan T - Greta product.

    I like this but it was an old model. I think it will work as well but no beep to tell you when to move to another part of your face. Should work as well because I can count to 5.LOL

  • MikeS - Quickbooks 2011 Feedback

    I have been using Quickbooks for many years to handle the back office accounting functions for our three furniture stores. While I love the intuitive feel of the product, like everything, there are always the little quirks that drive you crazy.

  • Kristopher M. Joyce - Finally a solution for my needs

    This product has exceeded my expectations. I have full coverage in my home, which is approximately 2500 square feet. While expensive, I am getting over 100 Mbps in places where I was not even able to get a signal before. I'll update my review in a couple of weeks. Only thing missing for me is a guest network, but I understand that this is coming soon.

  • April Mcleod - Helped us get our miracle!

    Worth every single penny!! I don't have PCOS but I do have issues with egg quality. I started taking this a couple months prior to us starting fertility treatments. We were trying for a baby after being pregnant 8 times prior but sadly losing them all. I fully believe this product helped to make a better quality egg and because of it I am holding a beautiful 3 week old baby girl in my arms.